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by Dr. Charles Bell 11. April 2014 15:42

Dr. Charles Bell

The prevalence of cosmetic procedures both medical and dental has increased dramatically over the last 10 years.  The demand for these procedures spans the age range from teenagers to seniors. When evaluating the need for any cosmetic procedure, the balance between invasiveness/risk and result must be considered.

Many studies have shown that the aspect of a person’s appearance that is rated as most important aesthetically is your smile.  In fact we treat many patients that have undergone plastic surgery and feel that their smile is having a significant detrimental impact on their overall appearance. So today let’s look at a noninvasive, effective method to enhance your smile.  

Currently there are 4 basic bleaching techniques available.

White Strips:  There are various manufactures of these strips that basically adhere to the front 6 to 8 teeth while the teeth are whitened. Some patients comment on having difficulty in keeping these is place.  I usually recommend these for teenagers or someone who would like to lighten up their smile.  They are very cost effective, but in general do not create a significant change in brightness.

Tray Bleaching:  This is probably the most common method of bleaching.  Custom trays are made in the dental office that allow the bleaching gel to have excellent coverage on the tooth surface.  The bleaching usually is done overnight, but some bleaches can be used for just a few hours a day.  There are numerous manufacturers of the gels, but they are basically in two categories hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  Usually the desired whitening can be achieved in 3 to 4 weeks of daily use.  There is commonly some sensitivity with these products that can be managed with a fluoride gel placed in the tray as well as changing the percentage of bleach in the gel (range is 15% to 35%).  The charge for this technique is around $350 to $500.

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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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4/12/2015 1:21:16 PM #

A smile can change a person's entire appearance. It can even brighten a room. We need more smiles in this world.

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