4/18/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Monday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 19. April 2014 09:48

So far I have survived the strict 1200 caloric menu that JC picks and plans as opposed to me choosing my own foods from JC.  According to my scale I've lost a pound.  I get weighed in on Friday so we'll see how it goes.  I've already had a few food challenges this week.  Sunday night we went to dinner at my aunt's.  She cooks extremely healthy and if I were on maintenance I would've eaten her meal.  To be honest, if I were choosing my own foods from JC I would've eaten it still just to change up my diet a little bit.  But, since I opted to do the "Planned" program for a week I thought it was a waste to eat foods I didn't particularly like if I were going to break the program and eat off the plan.  So I sucked up my embarrassment and asked if it was oK to bring my Jenny dinner...which of course my aunt could've cared less.  She's wonderful and easy going and just wanted me to do what I felt comfortable with.  In fact, when she thought I was eating at her house she actually sent me recipes to see if I could eat any of them.  How thoughtful is that?!  This same aunt could tell I was going through a rough transition of being a new mom and dealing with my Mom's mystery illness so she offered to come down twice to our house and watch him while I was on maternity leave.  She wanted me to get out on my own and relax a little bit.  I feel so lucky that have such a great family.  The thought of getting pregnant again makes me cringe because mine was so bad but seeing how incredible it is to have a big family like my Dad's (there are 9 of them) makes me want that for my own kids; if we can afford it!  LOL, which I imagine no one ever can!  But I'm thinking maybe three would be nice?...

Breakfast - 

JC Blueberry MiniLoaf 


1 cup fat-free milk

Snack - 

JC Anytime Bar

Lunch - 

JC Turkey Panini


Snack - 


Dinner - 

JC Fish and Chips


Grilled veggie salad (green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes ) 

brought my own light ranch, 2 tbsp.

Snack - 

JC Cheese Curls

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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