04/25/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 26. April 2014 07:43

Need another reason to eat whole foods in a plan of clean eating, vs. drive though and processed foods?  How about the SALT in chicken strips!  The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 1500 mg. of sodium daily for those at risk for blood pressure related diseases and 2300 mg for everyone else. That number must include all the foods you eat and all the drinks you consume (yes, sport drinks are filled with salt). 

By eating one drive-thru chicken strip meal, you may be consuming up to 34 mg of that daily total number.  Here are the best (if you can say that without laughing) to worst drive thru culprits:

For 3 pieces of chicken-

Hardees- 260 calories, 770 mg. sodium

McDonalds- 400 calories, 1010 mg. sodium

Chix-Fil-A- 360 calories, 1230 mg. sodium

K.F.C. - 340 calories, 1280 mg. sodium

Church’s- 360 calories, 1320 mg sodium

Popeye’s- 375 calories, 1620 mg. sodium

You can make chicken at home that is full of flavor, with dramatically less sodium.  Take a chicken breast, wash, pat dry and cut into strips (they charge you an up charge to cut it into strips for you).  Dip into a bowl of whole wheat flour, or almond flour, then next into a wash of a whole egg and 2 tbls. of water or egg beaters, add spices to your tasting (red pepper, Italian spices, tex-mex, curry powder…).  Now roll the chicken into a bowl of low-fat whole wheat panko crumbs, or home made ground whole wheat bread crumbs.  Now bake at 400 for 12 minutes, and check for doneness.  Try not to dip in regular ketchup because it’s loaded with sugar.  Be creative and make a dipping sauce with crushed apples, low-carb, low-salt barbeque sauce or mix low-sugar vanilla yogurt or 0 % Greek yogurt with wasabi paste or whatever flavor you enjoy.  ENJOY!

04/25/11 - Monday Workout Diary:

Strength train- chest/shoulders/triceps- trainer-all sets done for 30 second blasts

double cable standing chest fly- 30 lb

standing cable back pull- 35 lb

cable standing triceps overhead extention- 20 lb

alternating chest press- 15lb

triceps dips with individual leg raise

leg squat with triceps extentions 8 lb

standing shoulder raise with alternating front lunge 8 lb

standing overhead triceps extention toward the ceiling- medium band

push up with jump squat

Pilates reformer class- 55 minutes

04/25/11- Monday Food Diary:


2 oz old fashioned oatmeal with 1 tbls protein powder (210 cal)

8 oz 0 % fat Greek yogurt (90 cal)

1 cup bluberries/strawberries (60 cal)

A.M. Snack-

whey protein powder shake + 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (190 cal)


veggy burger on thin, whole wheat bun bootm only, tomato, lettuce, Waldon Farms barbeque sauce (350 cal)

1 cup spinach, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 orange sweet pepper(40 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 cup high fiber breakfast cereal, non-fat milk (160 cal)


6 oz  roast turkey(265 cal)

3/4 cup brussel sprouts with apple, onions, garlic, EVOO (109 cal)

1 sweet potato,sprinle of cinnamon (100 cal)


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