05/02/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 3. May 2014 13:54


I have made a serious effort to reduce the salt intake for me and my family in the last 9 months.  I don’t miss it because I replaced it with a variety of no-salt spices, vinegars and no-salt chicken broth to increase the flavor of my food.

There was an important study on sodium intake and it’s affect on lowering blood pressure.  It’s called DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) http://www.cincinnati.md/oh/cincinnati/topic-zp3284/DASH/high_blood_pressure_using_the_dash_diet .  The study showed that reducing daily salt intake by about 15oo mg, reduced blood pressure in all the groups tested.

Cutting back sodium is not easy.  It is added in large quantities in processed foods and drinks to extend shelf like and to increase flavor (the cheapest way possible).  The DASH diet is loaded with fruits and vegetables.  The key is to move toward a clean eating food plan which means cooking a predominant amount of your food at home from scratch.  You then control the cooking process and the ingredients!  You can use a cooler to take your snacks and lunch with you when you are on the go. 

Every change that you make away from processed foods and toward clean eating, is one step closer to a healthier lifestyle and more energy.

 05/02/11- Monday Exercise Diary:

stretch DVD- 55 minutes

 05/02/11-Monday Food Diary: 

Plan B

7:00-1 cup egg whites (120 cal)

2 pieces Bread (whole wheat, I'm using Ezekial bread) (160 cal)

11 a.m.-protein shake + 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (210 cal)

2 p.m.-.3 oz mahi mahi ( 90 cal)

 8 oz greens (red sweet pepper, brocolli, sparagus, purple cabbage sauted in apple cider vinegar) (88 cal)

3 oz brown rice (105 cal)

 5:45 pm-

 4 oz baked chicken (155 cal)

3 oz  brocolli slaw, purple cabbage, tomato, mushrooms (70 cal)

8 oz spinach(75 cal) 


3 oz chicken breast ( 141 cal)

3 oz brown quinoa ( 120 cal)

8 oz. green vegetables (88 cal)

homemade popcorn(90 cal)


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