05/07/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 8. May 2014 11:56


Meal Timing, Part 2:

Timing your eating in conjunction with your workouts helps you get the most energy and muscle development as well as good health that you aim for.

You won’t see the results if you push your body for your exercise goals when you have no ‘fuel’ for your body to draw from.  But, you don’t want to fill up too much or it may cause upset stomach, and sluggishness.

See yesterday’s blog for breakfast and lunchtime advice, but try to plan for a mid afternoon snack to keep your energy level high (think about the time between breakfast and lunch- the number of hours your body goes without food to draw energy from). 

Dinner should include protein, vegetables, and healthy carbs.  If you work out before dinner, try to eat within the hour of that workout.  Try not to work out too late into the evening, to allow your body to unwind before asking it to fall sleep.


Remember to drink water throughout your day.  It keeps your body hydrated, helps with digestion, and keeps you from mistaking thirst for hunger.  Sweetened drinks are not a good choice.  They don’t provide nutrition and any calorie deficiency that your workouts create, shouldn’t be blown on a bottle of sweet tea!


Saturday 05/07/11- Workout Diary:

Yoga DVD- 60 minutes

Bike riding and tennis with my boys 90 minutes

Food Diary 05/07/11: Saturday


Organic steel cut oats(150 cal.)

1/8 cup blackberries, blueberries (30 cal)

A.M. Snack-

protein shake with 1/3 cup pasturized egg whites (183 cal)

1 apple (57 cal)


3.5 oz salmon (180 cal)

Salad-21 cup spinach, 1/2 sweet pepper,1/4 cup yellow squash, 2 tbls garbanzo beans, 1 tbls roasted sunflower seeds(90 cal)

3 oz brown rice (105 cal)

P.M. Snack-

low carb whole wheat tortilla, non-fat feta cheese, pea pods(140 cal)


2 large crab legs, lemon ( no butter) (260 cal)

3/4 cup zuchinni, sprinkle fat free feta cheese, onions, garlic  (85 cal)

1 cup wilted spinach (45 cal)


8 oz 0% Greek yogurt, Waldon Farms zero calorie maple syrup, sprinkle of raosted pecans (120 cal)


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gaining weight
gaining weight
5/9/2015 6:44:48 AM #

The only proven means of boosting your metabolism is BUILDING MUSCLE!  Building lean muscle mass can be accomplished through cardio and weight training, and the beauty is that it keeps your metabolism burning long after you change out of your workout clothes.

5/9/2015 2:09:49 PM #

That is very true.  When I see these 'diet pills' that say they will boost your metabolism, I feel sad for all those who pay good money for them because they won't work!  Old fashioned sweat and weight training do the trick.  
The article above was more about creating the environment within your body to see the most gains through well-timed protein and carb intake from your exercise plan.
Thanks for the comment and keep writing!

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