Decreasing Chronic Lower Back Pain

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 11. May 2014 09:21

Your body’s ability to move is an important part of why we experience pain in our spines.  This occurs when the spine moves as a whole, but also occurs at each vertebral level, very similar to the knuckles on our hands.  

Doctors have known that the body’s ability to know where it is in space, such as when you are walking in the dark or holding up the peace sign with your eyes closed, is an important aspect of our health.  When we are injured, whether it is from a slow repetitive process or a single traumatic event like an auto accident, this ability can be disrupted, resulting in chronic spinal pain.  

A recent research study showed that in some cases, simple exercises can help alleviate your lower back pain.  If you or someone that you love is experiencing this type of pain, maybe an exercise ball and simple techniques could be of assistance.

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