Clicking Jaw joints

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 16. May 2014 07:00
Do you have a jaw joint that clicks? This jaw joint is known as the TMJ. The click is from the muscles of the jaw joint not working in co-ordination with the disk that allows the jaw to move. There are numerous reasons why this click can occur. Some can be related to a problem with the disk internally and some can be related to the bite when the teeth interfere with normal movements of the jaw. Often times clicks can not be heard unless a medical Doppler is used to listen to the TMJ region. Should the click be treated? When signs of instability occur, attention should be paid to the jaw joint. These signs can include pain, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, worn teeth, a bite that has changed and many more. TMJ clicks in teens should be evaluated with possible treatment to prevent long term problems.

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