Night guards to protect the front teeth

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 19. May 2014 07:00

A night guard will protect the teeth only when it is in the mouth. Patient often think they may grind their teeth only at night and are protected with the night guard from tooth breakage and worn teeth all the time. Many patients can still have abnormal habits that will cause front teeth to wear thin, along with broken back teeth. A hard night guard is the best type for no flexure can occur. Soft night guards do not offer the proper amount of protection of the teeth. A patient who wears a night guard that grinds their teeth, will show the wear patterns on the hard acrylic of the night guard. This wear pattern is very helpful to the dentist to determine what is occurring in the mouth. There are several different types of hard night guards and they should be made to an ideal bite, depending what the goal of treatment is.

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