05/29/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 30. May 2014 07:44

We’ve talked about how important eating breakfast is to refueling for a day full of energy and good health is, BUT, make sure that the breakfast is NOT hyper-calorie filled or filled with empty calories ( like loads of syrup, or bad-fats).

This means staying away from French toast made with gigantic, thick, Texas toast (white bread and tons of calories) with ½ cup maple syrup or one of those skillet potato breakfast’ from Denny’s  (850 calories).  You can make clean eating French toast at home with Ezekial bread or low-carb, low-fat whole what.  Mix one whole egg with non-fat milk or egg beaters with a tsp of vanilla.  Grill with butter flavored Pam and top with sliced strawberries, Waldon farm calorie free syrup or drizzle real maple syrup over the top.  DON’T have it swimming in syrup.

Try to find a blend of between 300-500 calories of a mix of proteins, healthy-carbs, healthy fats or low-fat dairy.

Try old-fashioned or steel cut oats topped with blueberries, and 2 tbls sliced no-salt almonds or pecans.  Enjoy 0% Greek yogurt with ¼ cup high-protein, low-fat cereal ( I like Kashi brand cereals or Post Raison Bran), ½ grapefruit (no-sugar on top) with an egg over medium, or 1 cup egg whites with spinach with Ezekial bread toast (find this gluten free bread in the freezer of your grocery organic aisle).

A healthy, nutritious breakfast will start you day off with a calming moment that re-fuels your body for a day of activities.

05/29/11-Sunday Workout Diary :


Day off

05/29/11 - Sunday Food Diary:


1 whole wheat wrap (100 cal)

2 tbls organic almond butter (186 cal)

1/2 banana, 1/8 cup strawberries (70 cal)

A.M. Snack-

whey protein shake (125 cal)


grilled veggie open face sandwich (320 cal.) I took two toasted pieces of Ezekial toast, covered in cooked zuchinni, onions portebella mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, 1 oz fat free feta, 1/2 oz mozarella, then I microwaved for 55 seconds to melt and warm. I ate with a fork and knife as an open faced sandwich. I love the taste,and it's low-sodium, low oil and healthy.

 apple slices and pear slices (55 cal)

P.M. Snack-

8 oz non fat cottage cheese(160 cal)


5 oz roast beef, au jus (360 cal)

1/2 cup brussel sprouts, grilled onion, balsamic glaze, crumble or real bacon bits (110 cal)

1/2 cup sauté mushrooms, onions, garlic, italian spices (spray with butter flavored non stick spray)(40 cal)

1 small whole wheat dinner roll (50 cal)

1 dove sugar free chocolate pattie (40 cal)


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