Discolored dental fillings - Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 20. June 2014 07:00
Do you have a dark filling in your front tooth that matched at one time? Studies have shown that the foods that cause the most staining are red wines, cola, tea, coffee and orange juice. Red wine causes the most staining, followed by other substances to a lesser amount. A good polish of the filling at the time of placement can help eliminate future staining and color changes.

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7/6/2015 7:47:06 PM #

I was surprised to hear that orange juice can stain teeth.  We don't drink too much of it in our home to probably make a difference, but that was still interesting.  I'd say the drink we need to cut back on more is soda.  For many reasons, but now for preventing teeth stains too!  

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