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by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 22. June 2014 07:00

There are many options to close a space between two front teeth. These options include resin bonding, orthodontics (braces), porcelain veneers and crowns. The patient and dentist should discuss all options along with advantages and disadvantages.  The more conservative the dental treatment is, the better for the patient long term. Let's start with orthodontics. There is no reduction or removal of tooth structure. If teeth are moved closer together, spaces will probably open elsewhere. This may be OK if rotated teeth are straightened to fill in these additional spaces. If teeth are protruding outwards, moving all teeth back to a normal position would also work well. However, in many cases orthodontics may involve treating more of the mouth. There may be beneficial reasons to do this and this is a good discussion to have.

Next, resin bonding can be considered. This can often be accomplished in a single visit, with no removal of tooth structure. A prototype of the bonding can be done in the mouth or on a dental plaster model that will show the finished result. As long as the teeth would look normal when completed, this is a good option. The next option is for porcelain veneers. A preliminary model should also be done to predict the end result. There may be reduction and removal of healthy tooth structure for veneers, unless prepless veneers are done. Color is a little harder to match when the lab technician is involved off site. This will usually involve 2-3 visits.

The last of the options are crowns, which involves significant reduction of tooth structure. This also needs to be planned in advance with approval of the final proposed treatment by both the patient and dentist. This will may take several visits. Each patient had different dental needs and concerns, and a good discussion with your dentist should be the starting point.

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