Decreased Muscle Spasm with Chiropractic Adjustment

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 27. June 2014 09:15

There have been many discussions regarding the effects of spinal manipulation and the short and long term benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. One of the most immediate is a reduction in pain and in muscle spasm.  A recent study (2005) showed that muscle spasms along the spinal column are reduced following an adjustment to the spine.  The authors stated, “Many chiropractors palpate for tight muscle bundles in the paraspinal musculature as one indication of where to adjust” (DeVocht, Pickar, & Wilder, 2005, p. 465). 

In the study, they tested the nerve activity with a special test called an electromyography or EMG and found the results to be, “…consistent with and supportive of the commonly held perception that tight muscle bundles are associated with low back pain and that they can be alleviated by [spinal manipulation]” (DeVocht et al., 2005, p. 470).


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The Spinal Column

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