Gum Health and Total Body Health? Pt. 2 - Dr. Charles Bell

by Dr. Charles Bell 28. June 2014 12:00

What has transformed in the last few years is the connection between oral health and total body health ie “the oral systemic link”. The bacteria that causes the periodontal disease can invade the bloodstream and cause your immune system to create white blood cells and proteins to fight off the inflammation.  This combination of bacteria, toxins, white blood cells and acute phase proteins damages the cells that line your coronary arteries, resulting in plaque and leading to hardening of the arteries.

Severe periodontal infection, if untreated, may increase your risk for atherosclerosis, induced conditions such as coronary heart disease and stroke, complications of diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes and respiratory diseases!

This connection or link between gum health and whole body health has dramatically changed “the stakes” as the professional evaluates your gum health.  In the past the dentist has been concerned that more people loose teeth due to gum disease than to decay and trauma combined –the traditional concerns that are still very much on our minds.  HOWEVER now the diagnosis and treatment/management of gum disease is acknowledged as a significant medical  concern—this is the new paradigm in dentistry.


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