Ways to keep your child's smile beautiful after braces: Part 2- Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 28. June 2014 06:30

When your child has their braces removed, the orthodontist always tells your child to wear the retainers. This is for a good reason. Most importantly, teeth always want to return to their natural position, especially immediately following completion of orthodontics. Stability of the position of the teeth is really a lifetime commitment. Initially, the retainers need to be worn daily.  While the retainers do no need to be worn later in life everyday, they should be used at least on a weekly basis. Teeth are constantly moving to some degree. The teeth can move to open up spaces, rotate or move in or out wards.

When children complete orthodontics during their teenage years, the lower jaw will continue to grow until their early twenties. As the lower jaw continues to grow forward, the lower teeth will hit against the upper teeth. This can cause the upper teeth to flair out wards or the lower teeth can begin to crowd. The teeth simply have no where to go. Another possibility is that the upper and lower teeth can meet end to end and result in premature wear patterns along with chipping and thinning. Another possibility is the jaw joint will be pushed back wards and result in pain in the TMJ area. While a retainer may not completely control this TMJ issue, the retainers are critical for the long term. Children need to be reminded to continue with the retainer therapy for many years.

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