Do you have an unsightly cap on your tooth that appears dark? -Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 12. July 2014 20:17

Many people often see their friends and family members that have crowns (or caps) with grayness at the gum line. This does not look very aesthetic and it is easy to tell a fake tooth. This is very evident because either metal shows at the gum line or the gum has a different color above the crown. The reason for this is the metal under the porcelain blocks the light transmission from traveling through the tooth and up the root. In a natural tooth, light reflects throughout the entire tooth and the gum looks nice and pink. Once the light is blocked, the black edge of the root is quite evident and can appear black or gray.

How do you prevent this from occurring? As soon as the old porcelain over metal crown is removed, the tooth lights up and the gum turns from a bluish color to pink. The old crown can then be replaced with an all ceramic (or all porcelain) crown without any metal. Different types of all porcelain crowns can be made. Some porcelain crowns are built over a substructure that is also ceramic. These sub-structures can block out dark areas of the tooth if a drastic color change is desirable. Different types of all porcelain crowns can be used for different affects, depending what end result is desired. Colors can also be built into the crown for a more natural look, as opposed to placing all of the color on the top layer. Each brand of porcelain is also unique and can be used for specific reasons. Don't be afraid to ask your dentist about the solutions that are best for you as the patient.

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