Does the color of your smile look uneven in different lights? -Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 17. July 2014 17:51

Does your smile look different under different lighting sources? This is usually apparent when dental treatment has been done to the front teeth. This is a result of the light reflecting off of the surface differently for different materials, such as bonding, crowns (caps) or denture teeth. The dental materials used have varying degrees of fluorescence. It is often best to restore the teeth with similar materials. Metal underneath a porcelain crown will give the tooth a darker appearance than all porcelain crowns. The hardest color match is that of a single front tooth. Note in the photo below, old bonding material that had chipped and only remained on parts of the tooth. This is evident under a black light. Correction should involve choosing a material that would match the surrounding tooth and evenly placed on the entire tooth. On a young patient as this, minimal removal of tooth structure is desirable and bonding can accomplish this. Attention should be directed to what types of lighting the patient is exposed to, for no material is as good as a natural tooth is in every lighting condition.

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