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by Dr. Charles Bell 18. July 2014 12:32

The impressive thing is that no tooth structure needs to be removed in this technique.  No drilling, no need for anesthetic! Very exacting impressions are taken of both the upper and lower arches, that is it!  The aesthetic results are excellent!   In a sense this process is reversible.  You could actually take the veneers off and the underlying tooth structure would be just as it was before.

Patients consistently ask me if this type of veneer lasts as long as traditional laminates.  They understandably are concerned about the longevity of such thin restorations. The answer is actually surprising.  The prepless veneers are bonded on to the outside enamel  of the teeth.  The traditional prepped laminates are boned for the most part onto the dentin layer of the tooth (because of the shaping of the teeth)…this is the next layer inside the tooth from enamel.  The bond strength to enamel is significantly stronger than the bond strength to dentin.  So the thinner prepless laminates are actually stronger on the teeth than the traditional thicker laminates!

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