What is enamelplasty and 3 reasons why it should be considered for dental treatment?-Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 24. July 2014 17:17

Enamelplasty is the process of removing slight amounts of enamel without going into the underlying dentin of the tooth. It is an extremely conservative treatment on the teeth, with dramatic results.

Obviously, taking away any tooth structure is not the best. However, if the enamel is de-mineralized or stained, the benefits outweigh the risks. If the enamel is healthy we have to ask why it is being altered. First, if removing some healthy tooth structure will prevent long term damage such as a cavity, it is the right thing to do. Often grooves in back teeth harbor bacteria. These bacteria can lead to tooth decay. By opening up the grooves, and placing some type of restoration material or sealant in them, the long term prognosis for a healthy tooth is excellent.

Now, lets talk about enamelplasty in cosmetic areas of the mouth. Often the teeth can have enamel removed to improve the shape of the tooth. As long as the enamel is not completely removed and it is polished after the adjustment, no short or long term problems will be present. Fluoride after this would be a good idea, though not necessary. Dramatic improvements in a person's smile can be made by reshaping the enamel. Considering the other more aggressive options that patients undergo to improve their smile, this is usually a first option, along with whitening.

The third situation that enamelplasty is beneficial is to correct bite issues. Often, minor reductions of enamel can ensure long term stability of the bite, stop patients from grinding, eliminate headaches and improve jaw comfort. Always ask what option are available to treat you condition and remember that conservative dentistry is always the best.

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