20 Things That Can Ruin Your Smile - Dr. Charles Bell

by Dr. Charles Bell 25. July 2014 09:39

1. Sports Drinks:

I know it is summer and scorching hot. Sports drinks are just the thing to use after a workout or run to help recover.  The increased popularity of these products is undeniable.  However, they are not great for your teeth. 

Dr. David F. Halpern DMD and president of the Academy of General Dentistry states “Scientific research has found that the pH levels in many sports drinks could lead to tooth erosion due to their high concentration of acidic components, which could wear away at the tooth’s enamel.”  Also the high sugar level in these drinks fuel the acid-producing bacteria that cause tooth decay.

I had several college level athletes go through rather sudden and unexpected cavity episodes that I have attributed to over- consumption of sports drinks.  My dental advice for serious athletes is to use sports drinks during and or immediately after competition, but never as a hydration product for the everyday “I’m thirsty” use. I have had some high school athletes consume as many as 6 to 8 drinks per day just as an everyday liquid.  It is better to hydrate routinely with water and then add sports drinks during the actual activity. 


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