To Protect Your Back Strengthen It

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 6. September 2014 08:48

Many of us have heard if low back pain is plaguing you, then you must strengthen your core. This is absolutely true! Most of us have not heard how important it is to strengthen your beck extensors as well. According to an article by Liebenson, in the October 2009 edition of Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy, scientific studies have discovered that "normally our back muscles have one third more endurance than our abdominals. But, in back pain patients this endurance is equal to the abdominals." This scientific evidence tells us if we want less back pain we must strengthen our spinal extensors as well. (Post-menopausal women can benefit from this two-fold; on top of helping to relieve back pain, it is a safe andeffective way to build bone density in the spinal column.)

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The Spinal Column

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