Does Chiropractic cure asthma?

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 12. September 2014 10:10

dr. carl rafey

This topic is brought up often when discussing the benefits of chiropractic care. But does chiropractic actually "cure" asthma? Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways, which can cause attacks of coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

A chiropractor analyses the spine of his or her patient with the ultimate goal of restoring the proper function of the spine and nervous system. There are many case reports documented where a chiropractor has treated the patient and successfully reduced or been eliminated the asthmatic symptoms. This is done after a full chiropractic analysis and specific adjustments to the spine.

Most chiropractors will look to the thoracic region of the spine with an asthmatic patient as this is where the neurology leaves the spinal cord in route to the lungs and respiratory centers of the body.

So do chiropractors claim to "cure" asthma? No that would in there can be a magnitude of other factors casing these symptoms. However, it has been documented that with chiropractic adjustments and taking the interference and stress off of the patients nervous system- restoring their normal function - that asthmatic symptoms have been successfully reduced and eliminated.

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