09/17/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal- Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 18. September 2014 05:02


If you want to loose weight more efficiently, try to plan ahead. This  includes pre-bagging snacks ( dry roasted no/low salt almonds, dried apricots or prunes- try them, their delicious, green beans, edamame, apples, grapes, whole grain crackers...) and packing your lunch. 

Modern days lunch boxes are stylish and attractive.  Being embarrassed about carrying lunch isn't a good excuse anymore and you will save yourself a lot of wasted calories and a lot of money!  Make a salad, stuff a whole wheat pita or wrap with chicken, spinach and yellow peppers and salsa. Make a batch of homemade vegetable soup on the weekend.  Freeze oirtions and take one for your luch with a fresh piece of fruit, and a sprouted whole wheat baguete Use a  compartment box for brown rice with balsamic vinegar drizzled over, grilled salmon and a veggy!

Packing your lunch also allows you to control the level of salt and spices and saturated fat in your food.  This will help to control hypertension, and diabetes and help you lead a clean eating lifestyle.

Also remember to drink your water, instead of pop and sweetened colas and fruit juices.  They pile of calories and pop doesn't provide any nutrition for you!


Saturday 09/17/11- Workout Diary:

Stretch DVD, 30 minutes

Strength Training- Shoulders/chest

Standing cable crunch, 6 plates

Flat bench dumbbell press, 25 lb dumbbells

 big ball push up on stability ball, 25 lb dumbbell

standing bent arm shoulder raise, 15 lb dumbbells

upright row, E-Z bar with 30 lb added

ardolds, 12 lb. dumbbells

Saturday  09/17/11- Food Diary:


Apple (67 cal)

1/2 cup blueberries + (30 cal)

8 oz 0% Greek yogurt (130)

1/2 cottage cheese (80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

15 almonds, dry roasted, no salt(151 cal)

Apple ( 67 cal)


4 oz salmon(140 cal)

Salad- 2 cups spinach, green beans, 1/8 cup garbanzo beans, beets ( 78 cal)

3 oz brown rice ( 105 cal)

P.M. Snack-

3/4 cupspagetti squash and onions (42 cal)

1 tomato (26 cal)

1 glass fresh apple cider ( 80 cal)


5 oz. Pork loin (25, with grilled peaches, ginger, garlic, shallots (250 cal)

1/2 cup cauliflower (30 cal)

1/2 cup wild rice mix (190 cal)

1 whole wheat dinner roll (120 cal)

EVOO/Balsamic vinegar for dipping (80 cal)


Homemade popcorn (110 cal)


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