Do your new crowns look fake?- Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 21. September 2014 06:30

Do those new crowns in your mouth look fake? Natural teeth have a variety of colors within the tooth. Often crowns (caps) do not have a variety of colors in them. Metal crowns tend to be opaque and do not match the adjacent teeth if there is not enough thickness of porcelain over the metal. The metal color needs to be blocked out when it is made, then porcelain is added over that. If the porcelain is too thin, the color will never match a natural tooth. A better solution in many teeth would be to have an all ceramic (porcelain) crown. The base color of the tooth helps the additional layers of porcelain appear more natural. There are many types of all ceramic crowns that can replace porcelain over metal crowns. Metal crowns have become much more expensive lately because of the rising cost of gold and other precious metals. Before a crown is done, patients have many options that can be reviewed to learn about advantages and disadvantages of different type of dental crowns. Today, the best dentistry can be the most conservative and invisible to one's eye.

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