5 Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 26. September 2014 09:17

dr. carl rafey

​As warm weather beckons us outdoors, flowers are blooming and pollen is spreading. For many people this means keeping a tissue and eye drops on hand. If you follow these 5 tips, you may be enjoying this beautiful weather without the fear of itchy eyes and a runny nose.

  1. Eat a spoon full of local honey daily: Local honey is made by bees in your area. When the bees are collecting nectar from flowers they also pick up pollen, a common allergen, from the flowers. As the bees make their tasty treat, some of the pollen is added to the honey. By ingesting the honey you are introducing small amounts of the allergen to your system. It is theorized that this will decrease sensitivity to the allergens. So when you are enjoying some fresh air and you and inhale the pollen, you should have little to know allergic reaction.
  2. Avoid eating common food allergens: Cut wheat, dairy, sugar and peanuts out of your diet. These are the most common food allergens. You're probably thinking "I'm not allergic to any of that stuff." That may be true, but having these common allergens in your body already can act as a buffer for pollen and mold and make the reaction more severe.
  3. Use a neti pot: Pollen and molds can get stuck in the mucus in your nose and your frontal sinus. These irritants are what causes the inflammatory process we call an allergic reaction. Using a neti pot will wash these irritants from your nasal mucosa and sinus.
  4. Stay hydrated: The body absolutely needs water to maintain life. Proper hydration promotes health and can help you feel better in many situations. Without proper hydration some of the techniques mentioned above may not work. The body must have its proper building blocks to heal itself. We are 60% water after all.
  5. Chiropractic adjustments: Allergic reactions cause inflammation in the nose and sinuses. The nose and sinuses tell the brain something is wrong by way of nerves that pass through the spinal column. The nerves may become too excited from all the information from nose and sinus. By adjusting the levels of the spine the correlate with the nerves from this area, the nervous system calms down. Similar to the way anti-histamine stops allergic reactions, only without the drugs.

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