3 Causes of Spinal Misalignments

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 17. October 2014 09:22

dr. carl rafey

Chiropractors spend the majority of their days checking spines for subluxations (misalignments) and correcting the subluxations with an adjustment.  In our office we go a step further and take time to educate patients on how to change their lives so they can avoid being subluxated as much as possible.

There are 3 causes of spinal subluxations:

  1. Physical - This is the one cause most people know about; however I believe there is a misconception. Most people think that only something serious like a car accident or a fall from a 10 foot ladder can cause subluxations, but this is not true. Many traumas that you may assume are insignificant, like poor posture, repetitive motion, falling down, sleeping positions and improper lifting, may, in fact, cause subluxations.
  2. Chemical - Most chemicals that adversely affect your body are introduced through what you eat and drink. These include preservatives, pesticides, sweeteners, poisons, etc. Your body also makes its own chemicals, like epinephrine, stomach acid, hormones and insulin. If the chemicals in our body are not balanced they can have an effect on muscles and joints and cause subluxations as well.
  3. Emotional - Tight muscles caused by stress is the most common emotional response. The muscles are in charge of properly aligning the spine. When the tone of the muscles are not balanced, one muscle may be pulling harder than the other and this can lead to subluxations.

Knowing what causes subluxations is a great to start to a healthy lifestyle, but the subluxations you most likely have in your spine right now will not go away without chiropractic care. Call your chiropractor today to have your spine checked for dangerous spinal subluxations.

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