What is a Subluxation? - Dr. Carl Rafey

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 14. November 2014 09:56

There is a medical definition for Subluxation and a Chiropractic definition and this can often confuse the general public and cause difficulty in communication between the primary care doctor and the Chiropractor. A medical Subluxation is like a dislocation except the joint is not all the way out of the joint. A Chiropractic subluxation is defined as a vertebra out of alignment that causes nerve interference. Consider starvation as lack of food, dehydration lack of water, and Subluxation as the lack of proper nerve flow . An individual may eat right, sleep well, watch toxins and stress but still be subluxated and cannot be considered healthy. This means there may be no symptoms or loss of function. Nerve flow to the organs can be cut off and spinal decay can set in similar to the decay in neglected teeth with cavities. Arthritis and degeneration will set in. This person may or may not have symptoms right away; however their health will be compromised. This is why it is important to get yourself checked regularly by a skilled chiropractor. This will help give you all the tools you need to be healthy and maintain your wellness for years and years to come.

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