12/02/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 3. December 2014 05:23


Let’s jump right in with some healthy breakfast ideas:


1.    -Eggs and egg whites- My kids love hard boiled or scrambled with cheese. Hard boiled hold up well for a couple of days in the fridge and can be taken (with an ice pack) to work for an energy boosting mid0-morning or afternoon snack. I love egg whites for breakfast. I buy them by the case at my neighborhood warehouse grocery. I put 1 cup in a microwave safe bowl sprayed with Pam and spices added. On my microwave I cook those 2 minutes, cut them up, and cook 45 seconds more. Quick, easy and nutritious (I’m feeding 6 people in addition to myself most mornings).You can cook eggs in a pan or a frittata in the oven, in a heavy pan. Don’t go overhead with full fat cheese, but a sprinkle of low-fat cheddar or fat-free feta is delicious.


2.    You can also make a breakfast  burritoe with a low-carb whole wheat tortilla, and low-fat cheese and spicy salsa.


2. Low fat, low sugar yogurt or 0 % Greek yogurt are both great breakfast bases that are a great source of stomach-benefitting probiotics. You can add berries, or sprinkle with high protein whole grain cereal for a quick breakfast.


-3.In a pinch, spread 1-2 tablespoons almond butter on Ezekial (no gluten) or whole grain toast. You can also use a whole grain, low-carb tortilla. Add sliced banana or apple for a sweet addition to wither of the breads or tortillas.


4.A thin, whole wheat bagel or English muffin is filling and full of fiber. A regular bagel, especially when they are large can have 350 calories without cream cheese. If you like cream cheese, try the weight watchers lower calorie cream cheese. The flavor is good. Also make sure your eating ‘whole grain’ bread instead of refined white flour. It provides more fiber and nutrients.


5. A perfect old standard breakfast is old fashioned oatmeal or cream of wheat. It's filling and satisfying on a cold winter's morning. Try making a double batch from old fashioned oats adding cinnamon and a bit of agave nectar for sweetness if you desire.


6. You can always count on the ease of whole grain, high-fiber breakfast cereal. I wrote a blog on this topic weeks ago where I explained how important it is to read labels on cereals. The portion size vs. calorie and nutrition count varies wildly. Make good choices and mix cereals to find the tast3e and nutritional needs your looking for. Buts it's quick and easy and can be taken to work for a mid-morning snack as well. Use non-fat milk or watered down Greek yogurt.


7. If you are running out the door with no time, grab an apple, pear or grapefruit rather than not eating at all.


Tomorrow we will talk about some of the worst breakfast habits and the worst food choices to steer away from.


12/02/11- Exercise Journal: Friday

Strength train-Body Bootcamp with trainer

20 seconds on/10 seconds off (as many reps as youc an)- 6 sets

High intensity jumps over stick 4 " up off the floor

lying ball throw- above the chest ( 8 lb ball)

sit up reaching behind then in front holding 12 lb ball

seated overhead triceps extention-12 lb barbell

gladiator squat with 12 lb barbell

cardio blast (1 minute)

chest press on stability ball- 15 lb barbells

biceps curl on Bosu-1 tube

standing chest press- 30 lb

high cable back pull- 40 lb plates

bent over triceps extention- 1 tube attached to wall

Friday 12/02/11- Food Diary:


organic steelcut oatmeal (150 cal)

small banana ( 60 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 cup pasturized egg whites,1/2 portion whey protein shake mix (175 cal)


3 oz wild caught salmon (140 cal)

Salad- mixed lettuce, beets, 1/8 cup lentils, 1/2 orange sweet pepper, 1 tbls sunflower seeds (150 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 whole wheat totilla, 2 tbls garlic hummus, cucumbers (210 cal)

1 oz dark 98% cocoa chocolate ( 120 cal)


3 oz pork roast (220 cal)

1 cup yellow squash (28 cal)

1medium sweet potato, sprinkle of cinnamon (105 cal)


homemade popcorn ( no slat, butter flavor spray (90 cal)


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