01/20/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 21. January 2015 05:53

Many people try to accomplish their fitness goals through regular exercise and clean eating and do not see the results as quickly as they would like because they end up eating more calories than their body needs at home and in restaurants.

Here are a few ideas to help manage this issue:

-Downsize the plate you eat from when at home.  It has a psychological effect to see a plate ‘full’ of food (because the plate is smaller in diameter.  If it appears to not be full, because your portion sizes are appropriate, but not what your used to, you may end up going back for seconds.  It’s a fact that plates have been made bigger, and the calorie count of most recipes have increased on average, over the last 30 years, not to mention the super-sizing of any carry-out or restaurant portion.  Recognizing that fact and it will be will be your first positive step.

At home, try using a food scale to gauge proper ounce portions for lean meats and even the weight of salads.  As my food diary shows, I eat 8oz. of salad most days.  I use a bowl when I turn on the scale ( then the scale includes the weight of the bowl in the total weight amount), and throw into the bowl whatever I have available.

-When ordering food, ask the server to bring a to-go box with the delivery of your food.  Portion sizes are gargantuan.  Take half off straight away and put it away.  Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

-Don’t bring extra food to your table at home.  It’s too easy to re-fill your plate when you’ve finished if it’s sitting right there.  It takes your stomach 20 minutes to feel full, so decide if you want more after 20 minute. Then, you would have to get up from the table to get it.  Maybe you will choose not to have seconds based on those choices.

-Read labels for portion size.  Many times when you read the label, the nutrition information is based on 2.5 portion size.  Be aware!

Here is the healthiest rule of thumb for portions:

Palm= proteins

Thumb= fats

Fist= fruits/grains

Open hand= vegetables

Utilizing these techniques can help you get the proper nutrition your body needs to help you achieve the fitness goals that you desire.


Friday 01/20/12-Exercise Diary:

Strength train- leg DVD

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes


Friday 01/20/12- Eating Diary:

7 am- 1 cup egg whites (120 cal)

2 oz. steel cut organic oatmeal (dry weight) (210 cal)

11 am- protein shake (160 cal)

2 p.m.- 5 oz mahi mahi (144 cal)

3 oz quinoa ( 150 cal)

8 oz vegetables ( raw or steamed) (88 cal)

4pm- grapefruit ( 40 cal)

6 p.m.- 3 oz flank steak (149 cal)

3 oz sweet potatoes (oven roasted in skin) (115 cal)

8 oz green vegetables ( raw or steamed ) asparagus, organic spinach, cherry tomato, sweet red pepper, brocolli slaw (88 cal)

1/2 tsp uda or flax oil (65 cal)

8 p.m.-5 oz.halibut (pan seared) (165 cal)

3 oz beans, Adamame (frozen then thawed) (144 cal)

8 oz greens (assorted) ( 88 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)



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