04/12/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Journal: Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 10. April 2015 19:52

One exercise that can be done at home, at a gym, or on the road, is squats. It is critical when doing squats that your knees tract over your toes to avoid injury.

A standard squat, with your feet parallel and hip distance apart is done by shifting your tailbone rearward like you are sitting into a low chair. Your upper body will want to shift forward, but you need to work on keeping your upper torso more upright.  You can increase your fat burn by holding weights inn each hand.

The plié’-squat is performed with your feet wider than shoulder width, with your toes out at 45 degree angle. Holding a decent weight dumbbell with both hands, keeping your elbows slightly bent. Direct your tailbone straight down to the floor as you lower, with upright posture if your upper body. Bend your knees to lower into a squat without letting the weight touch the floor.

Squats build your bottom as well as the front and inner thighs. Watch your form and over a short time, if done 3-4 times per week (3 sets, of 12 to 15 reps), you will see results and feel stronger. As in any exercise, if you feel pain, check your form and if it persists, see your physician.

04/09/12- Exercise Diary Monday:

Stretch DVD- 45 min

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes

Jumping on the trampoline with the boys

04/09/12- Food Diary Monday:


1 cup egg whites, 1 cup spinach (130 cal)

2 pieces Ezekiel bread toast, no-calorie butter flavored spray (180 cal)

Whey protein shake (125 cal)

A.M. Snack-

3/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt (105 cal)


8 oz Salad- spinach, red sweet pepper, yellow squash, cucumber (88 cal.)

1/2 turkey sandwich on whole wheat (290 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 whole wheat tortilla, 2 tbls organic almond butter, 1/2 apple slices (210 cal)


Homemade light lasagna (left one layer out, and used whole wheat blend noodles, non-fat cottage vs, ricotta, low-fat mozzarella (320 cal)

1 cup roasted asparagus, rosemary EVOO, grilled lemon (75 cal)

1/4 cup mushrooms, saute with Pam(22 cal)


1 cup non-fat cottage cheese with strawberries and sliced almonds(120 cal)


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