04/04/15- Paua's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 5. April 2015 20:41
  What is the best way to stay regular?   Wheat bran is an effective ingredient to incorporate into your diet, as well as other brans’ like rye, corn and oat.  The more-coarse the bran is, the better. Bran is effective because of the ingredients within the bran (cellulos... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

04/03/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 4. April 2015 07:09
  I had the blessing of having an amazing time away with my children for spring break.  I relish the time without schedules and stress.  I tried to stay true to my beliefs and passions about healthy living while still enjoying special time. I got up in the morning and did my stretc... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

How to close a Diastema - Dr. Charles Bell

by Dr. Charles Bell 26. March 2015 08:56
A Diastema is a space between the upper front two teeth. There are numerous reasons why this may have developed and there are also different possibilities on how to resolve this issue. This is primarily considered a cosmetic issue as there are no health reasons associated with this gap. Orthodontic... [More]

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Taking Care of Your Teeth

03/24/15 Paula's Healthy Living: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 25. March 2015 19:45
I am taking a week off to recharge my batteries on Spring Break.  See you when I get back


Paula's Healthy Living

03/23/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Journl: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 24. March 2015 15:54
Good communication is pivotal to success in many relationships, including the one with your doctor.  Many people feel that the direction that health care and insurance has taken doesn’t co-exist with open communication.  The doctor seems rushed to see more patients due to limited re... [More]

03/22/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 23. March 2015 15:28
I have been going to exercise class at Pure Barre for 120 days now.  Every 30 days I have my body fat measured by the fat-pinch test, and with a tape measure.  I do this to accurately evaluate how my exercise plan and food choices affect my results. I am very pleased to tell you that havin... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

03/21/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Diary: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 22. March 2015 20:19
One of the biggest challenges of overweight people trying to change their body composition through a change in diet, exercise or even surgical means if the destructive, negative feedback from every person that the overweight person comes into contact with on a daily basis.  This is especially t... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

03/20/15- Paula's helathy Living Exercise/Eating Diary: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 21. March 2015 19:56
  A women’s heart attack symptoms are different than the stereotypical description that we’ve heard of horrible stabbing pain in the chest, or the arm numbing,  sweating, then falling to the floor. A female nurse described her heart attack beginning on an evening with no... [More]

03/19/15- Paula's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 20. March 2015 08:06
There are some weight management buzzwords that it is important to understand the concept for;  Glycemic Index- Glycemic Load. Glycemic index is the rate that food increases blood sugar. http://www.cincinnati.md/oh/cincinnati/topic-aba5112/diabetes%20index/diabetes-eating-a-low-glycemic- Glycem... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

03/18/15- Paula's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 19. March 2015 06:24
Weight loss is not easy. There are pitfalls at every turn. Try to implement things that can keep you on track: Don't eat off your kids plates. These calories stack up and you will likely be eating small bites of higher fat fats foods! Drink enough water. It helps you feel full and keeps your skin g... [More]

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