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Native-American Health
Every racial or ethnic group has specific health concerns. Differences in the health of groups can...

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Artery Health Artery Health

Is flexibility as you age a good test of cardiovascular health?
Brain Health and Exercise Brain Health and Exercise

Being active at a young age may have impact on later brain cancer
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
DASHing for Heart Health DASHing for Heart Health

The DASH diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease.
Pistachios and Your Health Pistachios and Your Health

Why these nuts may be good for your lungs and heart.
Prostate Health Prostate Health

Alcohol and benign prostatic hyperplasia
Sleep and Health Sleep and Health

Too little, too much sleep linked to health risks.
Sports and Heart Health Sports and Heart Health

Could watching a sporting event be bad for your heart?
Teen Health Teen Health

Study shows teens with chronic conditions use the Internet more for health and to stay con
Wintertime Heart Health Wintertime Heart Health

What you need to know before you pick up that snow shovel.
Big Health Goals Big Health Goals

Find out what targets have been set for the nation's health by 2020
Studying For Health Studying For Health

Better performance in high school could improve health decades later
Health Savings Health Savings

Here's your secret weapon for spending less on health care.
Color of Health Color of Health

Brightly colored plant foods could redecorate your health
The Secret to Affordable Health Care The Secret to Affordable Health Care

Ask your doctor these questions to get better care for less.
The Heart-Mind Connection The Heart-Mind Connection

Find out how your cardiac health may affect your brainpower
New Cell Phone Warning New Cell Phone Warning

Cell phone use may affect brain activity, but health consequences unknown
Energy Drink Dangers Energy Drink Dangers

Doctors alert parents to potential health risks for children and teens who use energy drinks
Go to Bed! Go to Bed!

Lack of sleep might up your risk of scary health problems
Heartbreaking Event Heartbreaking Event

Miscarriage may affect women's heart health long afterward
Sleep Benefits Sleep Benefits

Kids who snooze less may be at higher risk of health problems, including obesity
Dangerous New Drug. Dangerous New Drug.

Spread of synthetic marijuana prompts health warning.
Underage Drinking Underage Drinking

New numbers highlight serious public health concern.
Suppressed Anger Suppressed Anger

How you cope with anger could affect your heart health.
ZZZZs and Weight ZZZZs and Weight

Missing sleep may put your belly -- and health -- in danger.
Perils of Sitting? Perils of Sitting?

Here's some health news you shouldn't take sitting down.
Vitamin D News Vitamin D News

The way you take Vitamin D may make a difference to your health.
Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
Obesity and Colon Cancer Obesity and Colon Cancer

Study shows excess weight a real health danger.
Parents and Playtime Parents and Playtime

Kids involved in family fun may reap big mental health benefits.
Hormone Update Hormone Update

Are the risks real? New study assesses health of women who used estrogen treatment.
Vitamin B Benefit Vitamin B Benefit

Is folic acid helpful for women with PCOS?
Tanning Dangers Tanning Dangers

Looks versus health... which wins when it comes to tanning? Survey says...
Healthy Body, Healthy Wallet Healthy Body, Healthy Wallet

Four questions that can help you get better healthcare for less
Mercy from MRSA Mercy from MRSA

Infections from worrisome bacteria seem to be dropping.
Heart Troubles Heart Troubles

Insurance and money worries may delay heart attack care.
Heavy Hormone Finding Heavy Hormone Finding

Obesity and diabetes linked to low testosterone levels in men.
The Friend Advantage The Friend Advantage

Having better social relationships linked to survival benefit.
Pregnancy and Fitness Pregnancy and Fitness

Research shows many moms-to-be aren't exercising enough.
Snooze Away Worries Snooze Away Worries

Feeling stressed? Try taking a nap. Your heart may thank you
Where Where's the D?

Many Americans may be running low on this bone-boosting vitamin.
ADHD Risk? ADHD Risk?

Adults with ADHD symptoms may have a higher dementia risk
Airport Scanners Airport Scanners

Experts evaluate radiation levels in new security devices.
Fishing For a Smile. Fishing For a Smile.

Omega-3 found in fish may offer benefit for teeth and gums.
Vitamin E and Your Brain Vitamin E and Your Brain

Higher levels of vitamin E linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's.
Pregnancy Worries Pregnancy Worries

Anxiety, stress in pregnancy linked to later illness in babies.
Premature Birth Premature Birth

Many expectant mothers may be under-informed about the risks of pre-term birth.
Dangers of Drinking Dangers of Drinking

Studies link alcohol in pregnancy with childhood leukemia.
Diet and Ovarian Cancer Diet and Ovarian Cancer

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help patients live longer.
Controlling Blood Pressure Controlling Blood Pressure

America makes strides in hypertension control; more work remains.
New ADHD Risk New ADHD Risk

ADHD symptoms linked to obesity later in life.
Breastfeeding Help Breastfeeding Help

Being around other breastfeeding moms linked to benefit.
Cervical Cancer Screening Cervical Cancer Screening

Researchers compare the diagnostic accuracy of the conventional Pap smear with an alternate technique.
Healthy Eyes Healthy Eyes

The importance of good eye care for contact wearers.
Cortisol Concern Cortisol Concern

Stress hormone linked to heart-related death risk.
Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, linked to higher blood pressure
The Kidney Diet The Kidney Diet

Healthy eating may help protect you from chronic disease that strikes millions of Americans
Body and Mind Body and Mind

Treating these 3 physical problems may help protect you from Alzheimer's.
 Bye-Bye Allergy Bye-Bye Allergy

In many tots, milk allergy may fade away.
Spring Into Shape Spring Into Shape

Before launching into warm-weather exercise, keep these ideas in mind
Sneezing Vitamin? Sneezing Vitamin?

Low levels of vitamin D linked to allergies in kids and teens
Asthma, Obesity, ADD Asthma, Obesity, ADD

Are chronic illnesses becoming more common in children?
Cigarette Threat Cigarette Threat

Smoking in pregnancy linked to bad outcomes for mom and baby.
Delicious Prevention Delicious Prevention

A treat you may crave could lower your risk of stroke.
Time for Checkup? Time for Checkup?

Study shows more women than men booking routine doctor visits.
Stopping Bullies Stopping Bullies

Why now's a good time to learn how to address bullying.
Caffeine and Hepatitis Caffeine and Hepatitis

Drinking coffee may help people with liver disease.
Protecting Your Bones Protecting Your Bones

Commonly used drugs linked to unusual fractures in women.
The Heart Pose The Heart Pose

Yoga may provide benefits for some people with heart failure.
H1N1 Hospitalization H1N1 Hospitalization

Are certain age groups more at risk?
Common Sweetener Risk? Common Sweetener Risk?

Sweetener in many processed foods linked to high blood pressure.
Exercise and Your DNA Exercise and Your DNA

In women, exercise may help protect chromosomes from stress.
The Pressure The Pressure's On

Teenage boys and girls face different hypertension risks.
Positive Outlook Positive Outlook

Program linked to long-term benefits in breast cancer patients.
SIDS Research SIDS Research

Researchers say a brain chemical could be linked to SIDS.
Sleep Problems? Sleep Problems?

In men, insomnia may be linked to a higher risk of death.
Music and Your Heart Music and Your Heart

How your favorite tunes may help you stay heart healthy.
Healthy Napping Healthy Napping

Tips to get the most out of a mid-day snooze.
Leisurely Exercise Leisurely Exercise

Weight benefits seen from leisure-time activity in women.
Lyme Time Lyme Time

Protect yourself from a tiny hazard lurking outdoors.
College Stress College Stress

Meditation may help lower blood pressure by easing students'anxiety and depression.
Flexing One Flexing One's Willpower

Tightening your muscles may help you maintain self control.
No Vitamin Protection? No Vitamin Protection?

Multivitamins not linked to lower risk of diabetes.
Under Pressure Under Pressure

Why now's a good time to get hypertension under control.
Up and At Up and At 'Em

Could the right text message get children moving more?
Protecting Your Memory Protecting Your Memory

You may want to take this vitamin to stay mentally sharp as you age.
Smoking and Seizures Smoking and Seizures

New study links smoking with higher risk of seizures in women.
Social Networking and Grades Social Networking and Grades

Does spending time on Facebook and other sites mean lower grades? Find out!
Stress and Diabetes Stress and Diabetes

Job-related stress may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
Watch Your Step Watch Your Step

Simple tips can reduce the risk of life-changing falls.
A Shot in the Arm A Shot in the Arm

Men and women may respond differently to vaccines.
The Way to Wash The Way to Wash

Handwashing can blast away germs - if you do it right
Kids and Team Sports Kids and Team Sports

Team practices may not provide as much exercise as kids need
Staying Trim Staying Trim

New study shows that exercise in youth helps keep your figure from expanding
Protecting Older Moms Protecting Older Moms

New information about risks in pregnant women over 44 years old
Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes

Researchers find many problems with cigarette-type devices
Missing Mammograms? Missing Mammograms?

Study finds many women still aren't getting breast screenings
Obesity Threat Obesity Threat

Obese youths face high risk of becoming severely obese.
Kidney - Heart Connection? Kidney - Heart Connection?

Extreme fatigue may point to heart trouble in some kidney patients.
New Parent Woes New Parent Woes

Risk of depression particularly high during child's first year.
Smiling Seniors Smiling Seniors

Friends or family? Which brings more happiness in retirement?
Another Smoking Danger Another Smoking Danger

Cigarettes associated with higher risk of common breast condition.
Shake Those Branches Shake Those Branches

Distant parts of your family tree could point to cancer risk.
Prostate Cancer News Prostate Cancer News

Researchers are busy finding new ways to diagnose, track disease.
Northern Exposure Northern Exposure

Where you live may influence your risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
Tai Chi and Fibromyalgia Tai Chi and Fibromyalgia

Ancient form of exercise may help ease muscle pain from this condition.
A Dangerous Practice A Dangerous Practice

A new study shows 25 percent of people who borrow prescription drugs from friends or family experience side effects.
Depression and Pain Depression and Pain

People who are depressed tend to report more negative experiences with common ailments acc
Driving Distractions Driving Distractions

Concern increases about cell phones, other distractions in vehicle.
Early Puberty Early Puberty

Find out what factors may be linked to kids' earlier development.
Happier Sports Players? Happier Sports Players?

Playing on a team may improve kids' life satisfaction.
Another HDL Benefit? Another HDL Benefit?

"Good" cholesterol linked to lower rate of cancer.
Healing Powers Healing Powers

Psychological factors may play a role in healing a common diabetic condition.
IBS Drug Relief? IBS Drug Relief?

Findings suggest antibiotic may help against common digestive problem.
Heat Alert Heat Alert

How you can help protect kids from extreme summer temperatures.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
Aspirin and Diabetes Aspirin and Diabetes

New suggestions for cardiovascular protection.
Guys, Pay Attention! Guys, Pay Attention!

Many men forgetting they can get breast cancer, too.
Bacterial Threat Bacterial Threat

New treatments to fight C. diff, an increasingly troublesome germ.
Acupuncture and Breast Cancer Acupuncture and Breast Cancer

Why needles that don't inject medicine may prevent symptoms in survivors.
Airborne Diabetes Risk? Airborne Diabetes Risk?

Traffic-related pollution may be linked to diabetes in women.
Alcohol and Breast Cancer Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Study shows drinking may raise risk for certain types of breast cancer.
To Fix an Aorta To Fix an Aorta

Study weighs two procedures for fixing abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Cancer and Fertility Cancer and Fertility

Cancer patients of child-bearing age may face fertility issues.
Breast Cancer Depression Breast Cancer Depression

Exercise and tea may help reduce depression after breast cancer.
News to Chew On News to Chew On

Research finds gum disease more common. Tips to prevent problems.
Ibuprofen Protection? Ibuprofen Protection?

Pain reliever might lower risk of Parkinson¹s disease
Surviving Skin Cancer Surviving Skin Cancer

Study finds the most serious type of skin cancer may affect men and women differently
Treatment Trends Treatment Trends

Meditation, massage and acupuncture. How popular is alternative medicine?
How Germy Are Gyms? How Germy Are Gyms?

New study tests gym equipment for bacteria, and the results may surprise you
Concussion Checkup Concussion Checkup

Quick-and-easy test may help identify common sports injury
Monogamy or Not? Monogamy or Not?

Surprising results of a new study on attitudes about exclusivity in relationships.
New Drug Concern New Drug Concern

Doctors call this herbal drug a dangerous high. What parents need to know
Winterize Your Skin Winterize Your Skin

Learn how to beat the cold, dry conditions of the season
Colon Protection Colon Protection

Long-term exercise habit may help cut colon cancer risk
A Chill Pill? A Chill Pill?

Study finds this antidepressant may be useful in managing hot flashes
U.S. Life Expectancy U.S. Life Expectancy

Can you guess two reasons U.S. lifespan is lagging behind other countries?
Mealtime Medicine? Mealtime Medicine?

Find out how family conversations at the dinner table may help children with asthma
Family Tree Findings Family Tree Findings

If your mother had a stroke, could you be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease?
Fries With That? Fries With That?

Does calorie information at fast food joints affect teenage choices?
Pounding the Pavement Pounding the Pavement

Certain sports may raise the risk of stress fractures in girls.
Fruit for Life Fruit for Life

Apple each day may help keep the heart doctor away.
Another Lead Danger Another Lead Danger

Lead linked to blood-pressure concern in pregnant women
Bothersome Buzz Bothersome Buzz

Tinnitus, deafness linked to insomnia in certain men.
Mammogram Explanations Mammogram Explanations

Why are so many women failing to get recommended mammograms. Here are their reasons
Anti-Diabetes Diet? Anti-Diabetes Diet?

Find out what kind of eating style could help you ward off serious disease
Parkinson Parkinson's Risk Factor?

Study links certain drugs to higher risk of serious brain condition
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Take it To Heart Take it To Heart

New guidelines focus on heart disease prevention for women
Monitoring Childbirth Monitoring Childbirth

What's the best way to measure contractions?
Possible Coffee Perk Possible Coffee Perk

Caffeinated coffee linked to lower mouth, throat cancer risk.
Colds Versus Flu Colds Versus Flu

Knowing the difference can help protect you from complications.
Benefits of Chocolate Benefits of Chocolate

A new study says cocoa may stem inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease.
Cup of Joe for Protection? Cup of Joe for Protection?

Drinking coffee, tea linked to lower risk of brain tumor.
Cutting the Cord Cutting the Cord

Waiting to clamp the umbilical cord may benefit baby.
Sad Dads Sad Dads

Many fathers report depression during pregnancy, after childbirth.
Cold Weather and SIDS Cold Weather and SIDS

Important tips to help protect babies from SIDS risks this winter
Alcohol and Stroke Alcohol and Stroke

New research finds possible link between drinking and stroke risk.
Clearing the Air Clearing the Air

New report offers good and bad news about U.S. air quality.
Aches, Pains and Obesity Aches, Pains and Obesity

More U.S. women than Canadian women have arthritis. Is weight to blame?
An Aspirin A Day? An Aspirin A Day?

Not for everyone. Study finds no heart protection from aspirin in certain people.
Brain Changes Brain Changes

Brain scans show what happens when teens watch aggressive movies.
Mastectomy Rates Mastectomy Rates

Survey looks at rates of mastectomy versus breast conserving surgery.
Helpful Heart Test? Helpful Heart Test?

This quick test may improve prediction of future heart problems.
High-Density Danger High-Density Danger

Studies implicate breast density in cancer risk.
Bladder Control Bladder Control

New research finds exercise helps women with urinary incontinence.
Cooling Hot Flashes Cooling Hot Flashes

Weight-loss program may help improve hot flashes.
Happiness and Your Heart Happiness and Your Heart

Smile! New research shows it's good for your ticker.
Women and Hair Loss Women and Hair Loss

Factors that could be the root of this worrisome condition.
Eating Disorders in Youth Eating Disorders in Youth

Why teens and children may face extra challenges in treating food issues.
Fish and Genetics Fish and Genetics

Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent genetic changes associated with aging.
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
Giving Birth Giving Birth

Once a C-section, always a C-section? New expert advice.
Pregnancy and Depression Pregnancy and Depression

A few well-placed needles may help depressed moms-to-be.
Pregnancy Pounds Pregnancy Pounds

Too much pregnancy gain linked to heart concerns in kids.
SIDS: Taking Precautions SIDS: Taking Precautions

Study finds awareness may be lacking in SIDS prevention.
Kids and Blood Pressure Kids and Blood Pressure

Young athletes with hypertension should take some safety measures.
Diet and Diabetes Diet and Diabetes

Green, leafy vegetables linked to lower type 2 diabetes risk.
Parkinson Parkinson's Protection?

Common painkiller linked to lower risk of Parkinson's disease
Listen Up and Lose Weight Listen Up and Lose Weight

Podcasts found to be an effective weight-loss tool.
Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Sleep Solutions Sleep Solutions

How to beat three top causes of insomnia
Carb Risk? Carb Risk?

Study explores whether carbs are linked to colorectal cancer in women
Stress Before Birth Stress Before Birth

Girl, boy babies may respond to stress in pregnancy differently.
Your Stroke Risk Your Stroke Risk

New research pinpoints the top risk factors for stroke.
Need for Speed? Need for Speed?

Starting weight loss somewhat quickly could lead to better results.
Retirement Retirement

Don't retire to the couch.
Rising Threat Rising Threat

Melanoma a growing problem in America, United Kingdom.
Treating Tumors Treating Tumors

Less invasive surgery may benefit women with uterine fibroids.
Added Trouble? Added Trouble?

Added sugars in food hint at possible heart hazard.
On Twitter On Twitter

Can you trust the medical information on this social networking site?
Hooked on Tanning? Hooked on Tanning?

Study shows love of indoor tanning could turn into addiction.

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