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For most adults, moderate alcohol use is not harmful. However, nearly 17.6 million adults in the...

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Drinking Before Bedtime Drinking Before Bedtime

That nighttime cocktail may do more harm than good when it comes to getting your ZZZs
Alcohol and Breast Cancer Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Study shows drinking may raise risk for certain types of breast cancer.
Alcohol and Stroke Alcohol and Stroke

New research finds possible link between drinking and stroke risk.
Energy Drinks and Alcohol Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Popular college drink is linked to more alcohol use on campus.
Pregnancy Danger Pregnancy Danger

More evidence discourages drinking alcohol while pregnant.
Prostate Health Prostate Health

Alcohol and benign prostatic hyperplasia
Reaching Teens Reaching Teens

Short ER program might help address adolescent aggression.
Dangers of Drinking Dangers of Drinking

Studies link alcohol in pregnancy with childhood leukemia.
Underage Drinking Underage Drinking

New numbers highlight serious public health concern.
Tabletop Threats Tabletop Threats

What type of alcohol helps the heart? Which is healthier table or sea salt?
Troublesome Brain Changes Troublesome Brain Changes

Heavy drinking, marijuana may affect the way young people think.
Sleep and Health Sleep and Health

Too little, too much sleep linked to health risks.
Diabetes and Lifestyle Diabetes and Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can lower your risk of diabetes.
Driving Distractions Driving Distractions

Concern increases about cell phones, other distractions in vehicle.
Guys, Pay Attention! Guys, Pay Attention!

Many men forgetting they can get breast cancer, too.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, linked to higher blood pressure
The Way to Wash The Way to Wash

Handwashing can blast away germs - if you do it right
Overworked Teens? Overworked Teens?

Long work weeks may lead to bad grades and risky behavior in high schoolers
Energy Drink Dangers Energy Drink Dangers

Doctors alert parents to potential health risks for children and teens who use energy drinks
Antibiotics: Yes or No? Antibiotics: Yes or No?

Important news about the use, misuse and over-prescription of antibiotics.
Handwashing and Flu Handwashing and Flu

How often to wash your hands for flu protection?
Kids and Blood Pressure Kids and Blood Pressure

Young athletes with hypertension should take some safety measures.
Stress Before Birth Stress Before Birth

Girl, boy babies may respond to stress in pregnancy differently.
Hooked on Tanning? Hooked on Tanning?

Study shows love of indoor tanning could turn into addiction.
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
Healthy Holidays Healthy Holidays

How to protect yourself and others from illnesses this party-going season

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