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Diabetic Diet
If you have diabetes, your body cannot make or properly use insulin. This leads to high blood...

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DASHing for Heart Health DASHing for Heart Health

The DASH diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease.
Diet and Diabetes Diet and Diabetes

Green, leafy vegetables linked to lower type 2 diabetes risk.
Diet and Alzheimer Diet and Alzheimer's

A component in extra virgin olive oil may lower Alzheimer’s risk
Online Diet Help Online Diet Help

Website clicking may help people maintain their weight loss.
Trans Fat Link? Trans Fat Link?

Moms' diet linked to babies' body fat.
Asthma and Diet Asthma and Diet

Research shows kids who eat more fruit wheeze less.
The Diet Boomerang The Diet Boomerang

Appetite-related hormones may help explain why lost weight comes back.
Diet and Ovarian Cancer Diet and Ovarian Cancer

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help patients live longer.
'D' Details

How to get enough Vitamin D in your diet
Anti-Diabetes Diet? Anti-Diabetes Diet?

Find out what kind of eating style could help you ward off serious disease
The Kidney Diet The Kidney Diet

Healthy eating may help protect you from chronic disease that strikes millions of Americans
Fish and Dementia Fish and Dementia

The brain benefits of adding fish to your diet.
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.
Blood Pressure Help Blood Pressure Help

Dietary changes are important for treating high blood pressure.
Omega-3 and Memory Omega-3 and Memory

Supplements not linked to improvements in Alzheimer's.
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, linked to higher blood pressure
Eat Healthy, Live Longer? Eat Healthy, Live Longer?

Healthy food choices may help you survive and thrive as the years go by
Tabletop Threats Tabletop Threats

What type of alcohol helps the heart? Which is healthier table or sea salt?
Dieting Stress Dieting Stress

Study suggests that stress could help explain why diets often fail.
Carb Risk? Carb Risk?

Study explores whether carbs are linked to colorectal cancer in women
Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity

Heart risk factors in youth may increase danger of early death.
Pistachios and Your Health Pistachios and Your Health

Why these nuts may be good for your lungs and heart.
Drink Up! Drink Up!

A few glasses of water may help flush pounds away.
Diabetes and Lifestyle Diabetes and Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can lower your risk of diabetes.
The Friend Advantage The Friend Advantage

Having better social relationships linked to survival benefit.
Color of Health Color of Health

Brightly colored plant foods could redecorate your health
Where Where's the D?

Many Americans may be running low on this bone-boosting vitamin.
Double Danger Double Danger

Diabetes may be a deadlier threat to women with breast cancer
Health Savings Health Savings

Here's your secret weapon for spending less on health care.
IBS Relief IBS Relief

Moderate exercise could help ease symptoms of a condition that affects 20% of Americans.
Fiber Facts Fiber Facts

Find out why high-fiber foods might be a literal lifesaver
Fruit for Life Fruit for Life

Apple each day may help keep the heart doctor away.
The Secret to Affordable Health Care The Secret to Affordable Health Care

Ask your doctor these questions to get better care for less.
Take it To Heart Take it To Heart

New guidelines focus on heart disease prevention for women
Bladder Protection? Bladder Protection?

Common pain relievers may reduce risk of serious bladder disease
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
B6, Be Healthier? B6, Be Healthier?

Study finds link between vitamin, lower lung cancer risk.
Protecting Your Bones Protecting Your Bones

Commonly used drugs linked to unusual fractures in women.
Cash or Credit? Cash or Credit?

How shoppers pay for groceries may affect their food choices.
Benefits of Chocolate Benefits of Chocolate

A new study says cocoa may stem inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease.
Delicious Prevention Delicious Prevention

A treat you may crave could lower your risk of stroke.
Obesity and Colon Cancer Obesity and Colon Cancer

Study shows excess weight a real health danger.
Common Sweetener Risk? Common Sweetener Risk?

Sweetener in many processed foods linked to high blood pressure.
"Good" Fat "Good" Fat

Study shows eating more of this fat may lower your heart attack risk.
Pregnancy and Weight Pregnancy and Weight

New research on weight issues before, during and after pregnancy.
Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
Cooling Hot Flashes Cooling Hot Flashes

Weight-loss program may help improve hot flashes.
Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Soy and Breast Cancer Soy and Breast Cancer

Soy foods appear safe for breast cancer survivors, a new study finds.
Need for Speed? Need for Speed?

Starting weight loss somewhat quickly could lead to better results.
Sneaky Germ Sneaky Germ

Findings shine light on bacteria that contribute to stomach cancer.
Your Stroke Risk Your Stroke Risk

New research pinpoints the top risk factors for stroke.

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