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Eating disorders can cause heart and kidney problems and even death. Getting help early is...

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The Benefit of Eating Slowly The Benefit of Eating Slowly

Racing through a meal may prevent that feeling of fullness and lead to weight gain.
Eating Disorders in Youth Eating Disorders in Youth

Why teens and children may face extra challenges in treating food issues.
Anti-Diabetes Diet? Anti-Diabetes Diet?

Find out what kind of eating style could help you ward off serious disease
Not-So-Healthy Fish? Not-So-Healthy Fish?

Eating fish prepared this way may be linked to higher stroke risk
The Kidney Diet The Kidney Diet

Healthy eating may help protect you from chronic disease that strikes millions of Americans
Anorexia Help Anorexia Help

Study finds couples-based therapy may help curb destructive eating disorder.
"Good" Fat "Good" Fat

Study shows eating more of this fat may lower your heart attack risk.
Blood Pressure Help Blood Pressure Help

Dietary changes are important for treating high blood pressure.
Fiber Facts Fiber Facts

Find out why high-fiber foods might be a literal lifesaver
Treating Anorexia Treating Anorexia

Family-based therapy may be helpful for teens with disorder.
Food on the Brain Food on the Brain

High-tech study finds food addiction definitely on people's minds.
Fish for happiness Fish for happiness

Fish oil may help protect new moms from postpartum depression.
Triglyceride Threat Triglyceride Threat

Reducing the level of this blood fat may reduce your risk of heart disease.
Fish and Genetics Fish and Genetics

Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent genetic changes associated with aging.
DASHing for Heart Health DASHing for Heart Health

The DASH diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease.
Eat Healthy, Live Longer? Eat Healthy, Live Longer?

Healthy food choices may help you survive and thrive as the years go by
Soy and Breast Cancer Soy and Breast Cancer

Soy foods appear safe for breast cancer survivors, a new study finds.
Need for Speed? Need for Speed?

Starting weight loss somewhat quickly could lead to better results.
Color of Health Color of Health

Brightly colored plant foods could redecorate your health
Double Danger Double Danger

Diabetes may be a deadlier threat to women with breast cancer
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
Diet and Ovarian Cancer Diet and Ovarian Cancer

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help patients live longer.
Online Diet Help Online Diet Help

Website clicking may help people maintain their weight loss.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
Check That Candy! Check That Candy!

Stale candy can be more of a trick than treat.
Benefits of Chocolate Benefits of Chocolate

A new study says cocoa may stem inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease.
Asthma and Diet Asthma and Diet

Research shows kids who eat more fruit wheeze less.
Protecting Your Bones Protecting Your Bones

Commonly used drugs linked to unusual fractures in women.
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
The Pressure The Pressure's On

Teenage boys and girls face different hypertension risks.
Healthy and Hungry Healthy and Hungry

Foods billed as healthy foods may make you feel hungrier later.
Diet and Diabetes Diet and Diabetes

Green, leafy vegetables linked to lower type 2 diabetes risk.
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.
Taste Test Taste Test

Fast food versus a nutritious meal? Which can most preschoolers identify?
Diabetes Dangers Diabetes Dangers

New study shows diabetes raises your risk of many life-threatening illnesses
Sneaky Germ Sneaky Germ

Findings shine light on bacteria that contribute to stomach cancer.
Your Stroke Risk Your Stroke Risk

New research pinpoints the top risk factors for stroke.
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
Under Pressure Under Pressure

Why now's a good time to get hypertension under control.
Fishing For a Smile. Fishing For a Smile.

Omega-3 found in fish may offer benefit for teeth and gums.
No Vitamin Protection? No Vitamin Protection?

Multivitamins not linked to lower risk of diabetes.
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Fat Surprise Fat Surprise

Research finds unexpected link between omega-3s and prostate cancer.
Dine Out With Caution Dine Out With Caution

How much do chefs and wait staff really know about food allergies?

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