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Congenital Heart Defects
A congenital heart defect is a problem with the structure of the heart. It is present at birth....

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Heartbreaking Illness Heartbreaking Illness

'Broken Heart Syndrome' often masquerades as heart attack
Sports and Heart Health Sports and Heart Health

Could watching a sporting event be bad for your heart?
Heart Attack Treatment Heart Attack Treatment

Does implantable device improve survial rates?
Wintertime Heart Health Wintertime Heart Health

What you need to know before you pick up that snow shovel.
Heartbreaking Event Heartbreaking Event

Miscarriage may affect women's heart health long afterward
Take it To Heart Take it To Heart

New guidelines focus on heart disease prevention for women
I Heart Yoga I Heart Yoga

Yoga may help treat a serious heart-rhythm problem.
Heart Facts Heart Facts

How much do you think heart disease costs America?
The Heart-Mind Connection The Heart-Mind Connection

Find out how your cardiac health may affect your brainpower
Treating A-Fib Treating A-Fib

Researchers compare treatments for common heart problem.
DASHing for Heart Health DASHing for Heart Health

The DASH diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease.
The Heart Pose The Heart Pose

Yoga may provide benefits for some people with heart failure.
Heart Troubles Heart Troubles

Insurance and money worries may delay heart attack care.
Helpful Heart Test? Helpful Heart Test?

This quick test may improve prediction of future heart problems.
Heart/Hip Connection Heart/Hip Connection

A new study says a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease can significantly increase your risk of hip fracture.
Kidney - Heart Connection? Kidney - Heart Connection?

Extreme fatigue may point to heart trouble in some kidney patients.
Gum Disease and Your Heart Gum Disease and Your Heart

Brushing twice a day may save your teeth and prevent cardiac problems.
Happiness and Your Heart Happiness and Your Heart

Smile! New research shows it's good for your ticker.
Music and Your Heart Music and Your Heart

How your favorite tunes may help you stay heart healthy.
Family Tree Findings Family Tree Findings

If your mother had a stroke, could you be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease?
Suppressed Anger Suppressed Anger

How you cope with anger could affect your heart health.
"Good" Fat "Good" Fat

Study shows eating more of this fat may lower your heart attack risk.
An Aspirin A Day? An Aspirin A Day?

Not for everyone. Study finds no heart protection from aspirin in certain people.
Tabletop Threats Tabletop Threats

What type of alcohol helps the heart? Which is healthier table or sea salt?
Watch That Waistline Watch That Waistline

The size of your midsection may matter to your heart, even if you're not overweight.
Fruit for Life Fruit for Life

Apple each day may help keep the heart doctor away.
Triglyceride Threat Triglyceride Threat

Reducing the level of this blood fat may reduce your risk of heart disease.
Snooze Away Worries Snooze Away Worries

Feeling stressed? Try taking a nap. Your heart may thank you
Benefits of Chocolate Benefits of Chocolate

A new study says cocoa may stem inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease.
Cortisol Concern Cortisol Concern

Stress hormone linked to heart-related death risk.
Pistachios and Your Health Pistachios and Your Health

Why these nuts may be good for your lungs and heart.
Pregnancy Pounds Pregnancy Pounds

Too much pregnancy gain linked to heart concerns in kids.
Added Trouble? Added Trouble?

Added sugars in food hint at possible heart hazard.
Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity

Heart risk factors in youth may increase danger of early death.
Importance of Walking Importance of Walking

Taking more steps linked to lower risk of heart problems.
Snoring Warning Snoring Warning

Is snoring linked to common syndrome that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes?
Under Pressure Under Pressure

Why now's a good time to get hypertension under control.
Fat Surprise Fat Surprise

Research finds unexpected link between omega-3s and prostate cancer.
Go to Bed! Go to Bed!

Lack of sleep might up your risk of scary health problems
CPR and Rescue Breathing CPR and Rescue Breathing

Study finds CPR without mouth-to-mouth may have advantages.
Aspirin and Diabetes Aspirin and Diabetes

New suggestions for cardiovascular protection.
Fish and Genetics Fish and Genetics

Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent genetic changes associated with aging.
Vitamin B Benefit Vitamin B Benefit

Is folic acid helpful for women with PCOS?
Gift From Sea Gift From Sea

Fish oil may play role in breast cancer protection.
Big Health Goals Big Health Goals

Find out what targets have been set for the nation's health by 2020
Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, linked to higher blood pressure
Spring Into Shape Spring Into Shape

Before launching into warm-weather exercise, keep these ideas in mind
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
Omega-3 Lift Omega-3 Lift

Certain type of omega-3 fatty acid may help relieve depression
Common Sweetener Risk? Common Sweetener Risk?

Sweetener in many processed foods linked to high blood pressure.
Clearing the Air Clearing the Air

New report offers good and bad news about U.S. air quality.
Alcohol and Stroke Alcohol and Stroke

New research finds possible link between drinking and stroke risk.
Kids and Blood Pressure Kids and Blood Pressure

Young athletes with hypertension should take some safety measures.
Knee Osteoarthritis Knee Osteoarthritis

Self-help options for treating a common cause of knee pain.
Healthy Cholesterol Plan Healthy Cholesterol Plan

Study shows adding this to your daily routine may have long-term cholesterol benefits.
Perils of Sitting? Perils of Sitting?

Here's some health news you shouldn't take sitting down.
Another HDL Benefit? Another HDL Benefit?

"Good" cholesterol linked to lower rate of cancer.
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
To Fix an Aorta To Fix an Aorta

Study weighs two procedures for fixing abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
News to Chew On News to Chew On

Research finds gum disease more common. Tips to prevent problems.
Cyclical Effects? Cyclical Effects?

Time of month may affect a woman's reaction to surgery procedure.
Green Tea and Cancer Green Tea and Cancer

Potential benefits of green tea in oral cancer.
Energy Drink Dangers Energy Drink Dangers

Doctors alert parents to potential health risks for children and teens who use energy drinks
Color of Health Color of Health

Brightly colored plant foods could redecorate your health
How Germy Are Gyms? How Germy Are Gyms?

New study tests gym equipment for bacteria, and the results may surprise you
Pregnancy Danger Pregnancy Danger

More evidence discourages drinking alcohol while pregnant.
Fetal Growth Fetal Growth

Low first-trimester growth linked to birth issues.
Treating Anxiety Treating Anxiety

New research shows exercise can help put your mind at ease.
The Kidney Diet The Kidney Diet

Healthy eating may help protect you from chronic disease that strikes millions of Americans
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Hormone Update Hormone Update

Are the risks real? New study assesses health of women who used estrogen treatment.
Fueling Breast Cancer? Fueling Breast Cancer?

Common drugs might affect women's chance of cancer recurrence.
Up and At Up and At 'Em

Could the right text message get children moving more?
Trans Fat Link? Trans Fat Link?

Moms' diet linked to babies' body fat.
The Pressure The Pressure's On

Teenage boys and girls face different hypertension risks.
ZZZZs and Weight ZZZZs and Weight

Missing sleep may put your belly -- and health -- in danger.
Smoking and Seizures Smoking and Seizures

New study links smoking with higher risk of seizures in women.
Standing Tall Standing Tall

Better fitness may help people avoid dangerous falls.
Surprising Stroke Study Surprising Stroke Study

The number of young people suffering brain attacks is on the rise.
Diabetes Dangers Diabetes Dangers

New study shows diabetes raises your risk of many life-threatening illnesses
Sleep Solutions Sleep Solutions

How to beat three top causes of insomnia
Red Yeast Rice Red Yeast Rice

Supplement found effective in lowering cholesterol in certain patients.
Fishing For a Smile. Fishing For a Smile.

Omega-3 found in fish may offer benefit for teeth and gums.
Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Not-So-Healthy Fish? Not-So-Healthy Fish?

Eating fish prepared this way may be linked to higher stroke risk
Exercise and Your DNA Exercise and Your DNA

In women, exercise may help protect chromosomes from stress.
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
Delicious Prevention Delicious Prevention

A treat you may crave could lower your risk of stroke.
Artery Health Artery Health

Is flexibility as you age a good test of cardiovascular health?
Halting Headaches Halting Headaches

Medication, education may help cut down on migraine episodes.
Lyme Time Lyme Time

Protect yourself from a tiny hazard lurking outdoors.
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.

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