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"Good" Fat "Good" Fat

Study shows eating more of this fat may lower your heart attack risk.
Sneezing Vitamin? Sneezing Vitamin?

Low levels of vitamin D linked to allergies in kids and teens
Trans Fat Link? Trans Fat Link?

Moms' diet linked to babies' body fat.
Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Fat Surprise Fat Surprise

Research finds unexpected link between omega-3s and prostate cancer.
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
ZZZZs and Weight ZZZZs and Weight

Missing sleep may put your belly -- and health -- in danger.
Heavy Hormone Finding Heavy Hormone Finding

Obesity and diabetes linked to low testosterone levels in men.
Fetal Growth Fetal Growth

Low first-trimester growth linked to birth issues.
Where Where's the D?

Many Americans may be running low on this bone-boosting vitamin.
Watch That Waistline Watch That Waistline

The size of your midsection may matter to your heart, even if you're not overweight.
Triglyceride Threat Triglyceride Threat

Reducing the level of this blood fat may reduce your risk of heart disease.
Eat Healthy, Live Longer? Eat Healthy, Live Longer?

Healthy food choices may help you survive and thrive as the years go by
Big Risk? Big Risk?

Link found between larger body size, lower brain volume.
DASHing for Heart Health DASHing for Heart Health

The DASH diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease.
Blood Pressure Help Blood Pressure Help

Dietary changes are important for treating high blood pressure.
An Aspirin A Day? An Aspirin A Day?

Not for everyone. Study finds no heart protection from aspirin in certain people.
Drink Up! Drink Up!

A few glasses of water may help flush pounds away.
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
Brain Changes Brain Changes

Brain scans show what happens when teens watch aggressive movies.
Extra Calories Extra Calories

Restaurant and frozen supermarket foods may have more calories than listed.
Cigarette Threat Cigarette Threat

Smoking in pregnancy linked to bad outcomes for mom and baby.
Healthy and Hungry Healthy and Hungry

Foods billed as healthy foods may make you feel hungrier later.
Healthy Cholesterol Plan Healthy Cholesterol Plan

Study shows adding this to your daily routine may have long-term cholesterol benefits.
Early Puberty Early Puberty

Find out what factors may be linked to kids' earlier development.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
The Kidney Diet The Kidney Diet

Healthy eating may help protect you from chronic disease that strikes millions of Americans
Take it To Heart Take it To Heart

New guidelines focus on heart disease prevention for women
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Bladder Protection? Bladder Protection?

Common pain relievers may reduce risk of serious bladder disease
What What's in a Name?

Does Organic on the label always mean healthier?
I Heart Yoga I Heart Yoga

Yoga may help treat a serious heart-rhythm problem.
Anti-Diabetes Diet? Anti-Diabetes Diet?

Find out what kind of eating style could help you ward off serious disease
Fries With That? Fries With That?

Does calorie information at fast food joints affect teenage choices?
Taste Test Taste Test

Fast food versus a nutritious meal? Which can most preschoolers identify?
Added Trouble? Added Trouble?

Added sugars in food hint at possible heart hazard.
No Vitamin Protection? No Vitamin Protection?

Multivitamins not linked to lower risk of diabetes.
Omega-3 Lift Omega-3 Lift

Certain type of omega-3 fatty acid may help relieve depression
Snoring Warning Snoring Warning

Is snoring linked to common syndrome that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes?
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
Northern Exposure Northern Exposure

Where you live may influence your risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
Delicious Prevention Delicious Prevention

A treat you may crave could lower your risk of stroke.
Fitness Benefits Fitness Benefits

Find out how being fit may help larger women live longer
Acupuncture and Breast Cancer Acupuncture and Breast Cancer

Why needles that don't inject medicine may prevent symptoms in survivors.
Treating Anorexia Treating Anorexia

Family-based therapy may be helpful for teens with disorder.
Aspirin and Diabetes Aspirin and Diabetes

New suggestions for cardiovascular protection.
Diet and Diabetes Diet and Diabetes

Green, leafy vegetables linked to lower type 2 diabetes risk.
Pregnancy Pounds Pregnancy Pounds

Too much pregnancy gain linked to heart concerns in kids.
Pregnancy Vitamins Pregnancy Vitamins

No benefit seen from vitamin combo for pregnancy problems.
Stress and Diabetes Stress and Diabetes

Job-related stress may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
High-Density Danger High-Density Danger

Studies implicate breast density in cancer risk.
Hooray for D Hooray for D

Asthma-related vitamin news may have patients breathing easier.
Music and Your Heart Music and Your Heart

How your favorite tunes may help you stay heart healthy.
Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
Cooling Hot Flashes Cooling Hot Flashes

Weight-loss program may help improve hot flashes.
Protecting Your Memory Protecting Your Memory

You may want to take this vitamin to stay mentally sharp as you age.
'D' Details

How to get enough Vitamin D in your diet
Fish for happiness Fish for happiness

Fish oil may help protect new moms from postpartum depression.
Tabletop Threats Tabletop Threats

What type of alcohol helps the heart? Which is healthier table or sea salt?

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