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Obesity means having too much body fat. It is different from being overweight, which means weighing...

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Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Sleep Benefits Sleep Benefits

Kids who snooze less may be at higher risk of health problems, including obesity
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity

Heart risk factors in youth may increase danger of early death.
Aches, Pains and Obesity Aches, Pains and Obesity

More U.S. women than Canadian women have arthritis. Is weight to blame?
Asthma, Obesity, ADD Asthma, Obesity, ADD

Are chronic illnesses becoming more common in children?
Obesity and Colon Cancer Obesity and Colon Cancer

Study shows excess weight a real health danger.
Obesity and Life Expectancy Obesity and Life Expectancy

Study finds obesity, even in childhood, may shorten your adult life.
Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
Obesity Threat Obesity Threat

Obese youths face high risk of becoming severely obese.
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
New ADHD Risk New ADHD Risk

ADHD symptoms linked to obesity later in life.
Heavy Hormone Finding Heavy Hormone Finding

Obesity and diabetes linked to low testosterone levels in men.
Bullying and Weight Bullying and Weight

Is there a connection between violence and obesity in kids?
Watch That Waistline Watch That Waistline

The size of your midsection may matter to your heart, even if you're not overweight.
Up and At Up and At 'Em

Could the right text message get children moving more?
Big Risk? Big Risk?

Link found between larger body size, lower brain volume.
Early Puberty Early Puberty

Find out what factors may be linked to kids' earlier development.
Perils of Sitting? Perils of Sitting?

Here's some health news you shouldn't take sitting down.
U.S. Life Expectancy U.S. Life Expectancy

Can you guess two reasons U.S. lifespan is lagging behind other countries?
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Go to Bed! Go to Bed!

Lack of sleep might up your risk of scary health problems
Heart Facts Heart Facts

How much do you think heart disease costs America?
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
Sleep and Health Sleep and Health

Too little, too much sleep linked to health risks.
Guys, Pay Attention! Guys, Pay Attention!

Many men forgetting they can get breast cancer, too.
Cortisol Concern Cortisol Concern

Stress hormone linked to heart-related death risk.
Colon Cancer Survival Colon Cancer Survival

Healthy weight before diagnosis may help women fighting this disease.
Snoring Warning Snoring Warning

Is snoring linked to common syndrome that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes?
Pregnancy and Weight Pregnancy and Weight

New research on weight issues before, during and after pregnancy.
The Benefit of Eating Slowly The Benefit of Eating Slowly

Racing through a meal may prevent that feeling of fullness and lead to weight gain.
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
H1N1 Hospitalization H1N1 Hospitalization

Are certain age groups more at risk?
Surprising Stroke Study Surprising Stroke Study

The number of young people suffering brain attacks is on the rise.
Importance of Walking Importance of Walking

Taking more steps linked to lower risk of heart problems.
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
Carb Risk? Carb Risk?

Study explores whether carbs are linked to colorectal cancer in women
Big Health Goals Big Health Goals

Find out what targets have been set for the nation's health by 2020
Ear Problem and Pounds Ear Problem and Pounds

Fluid in the ears may set the stage for excess weight in kids.

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