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If you're very overweight and can't lose pounds with a healthy diet and exercise, surgery might be...

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Watch That Waistline Watch That Waistline

The size of your midsection may matter to your heart, even if you're not overweight.
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
Obesity Threat Obesity Threat

Obese youths face high risk of becoming severely obese.
Listen Up and Lose Weight Listen Up and Lose Weight

Podcasts found to be an effective weight-loss tool.
Obesity and Colon Cancer Obesity and Colon Cancer

Study shows excess weight a real health danger.
Cooling Hot Flashes Cooling Hot Flashes

Weight-loss program may help improve hot flashes.
Big Dogs, Fat Cats Big Dogs, Fat Cats

Obesity isn't just a problem in humans these days
Sleep Benefits Sleep Benefits

Kids who snooze less may be at higher risk of health problems, including obesity
U.S. Life Expectancy U.S. Life Expectancy

Can you guess two reasons U.S. lifespan is lagging behind other countries?
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
Drink Up! Drink Up!

A few glasses of water may help flush pounds away.
New ADHD Risk New ADHD Risk

ADHD symptoms linked to obesity later in life.
Treating Anorexia Treating Anorexia

Family-based therapy may be helpful for teens with disorder.
Artery Health Artery Health

Is flexibility as you age a good test of cardiovascular health?
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
Pregnancy and Weight Pregnancy and Weight

New research on weight issues before, during and after pregnancy.
Pregnancy Pounds Pregnancy Pounds

Too much pregnancy gain linked to heart concerns in kids.
Wintertime Heart Health Wintertime Heart Health

What you need to know before you pick up that snow shovel.
No Vitamin Protection? No Vitamin Protection?

Multivitamins not linked to lower risk of diabetes.
Ear Problem and Pounds Ear Problem and Pounds

Fluid in the ears may set the stage for excess weight in kids.
Triglyceride Threat Triglyceride Threat

Reducing the level of this blood fat may reduce your risk of heart disease.

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