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There's no way around it. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the...

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Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
Another Smoking Danger Another Smoking Danger

Cigarettes associated with higher risk of common breast condition.
Smoking and Seizures Smoking and Seizures

New study links smoking with higher risk of seizures in women.
Quit Smoking in 2010 Quit Smoking in 2010

Tips to improve your odds of success.
Addicting Chemical Addicting Chemical

A closer look at the effects of nicotine in cigarettes.
Cigarette Threat Cigarette Threat

Smoking in pregnancy linked to bad outcomes for mom and baby.
Lingering Messages Lingering Messages

Cigarette ads may stick with kids and increase risk of smoking.
U.S. Life Expectancy U.S. Life Expectancy

Can you guess two reasons U.S. lifespan is lagging behind other countries?
Health on the Job Health on the Job

An unhealthy lifestyle may reduce work productivity.
Obesity and Life Expectancy Obesity and Life Expectancy

Study finds obesity, even in childhood, may shorten your adult life.
News to Chew On News to Chew On

Research finds gum disease more common. Tips to prevent problems.
The Friend Advantage The Friend Advantage

Having better social relationships linked to survival benefit.
Fetal Growth Fetal Growth

Low first-trimester growth linked to birth issues.
To Fix an Aorta To Fix an Aorta

Study weighs two procedures for fixing abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Aspirin and Diabetes Aspirin and Diabetes

New suggestions for cardiovascular protection.
Family Tree Findings Family Tree Findings

If your mother had a stroke, could you be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease?
Heart Facts Heart Facts

How much do you think heart disease costs America?
New Drug Concern New Drug Concern

Doctors call this herbal drug a dangerous high. What parents need to know
SIDS: Taking Precautions SIDS: Taking Precautions

Study finds awareness may be lacking in SIDS prevention.
Stress Before Birth Stress Before Birth

Girl, boy babies may respond to stress in pregnancy differently.
Your Stroke Risk Your Stroke Risk

New research pinpoints the top risk factors for stroke.
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
Big Health Goals Big Health Goals

Find out what targets have been set for the nation's health by 2020
Diabetes Dangers Diabetes Dangers

New study shows diabetes raises your risk of many life-threatening illnesses
Bladder Protection? Bladder Protection?

Common pain relievers may reduce risk of serious bladder disease
Protecting Your Bones Protecting Your Bones

Commonly used drugs linked to unusual fractures in women.
Fighting Lung Cancer Fighting Lung Cancer

Radiation treatment may improve survival for patients with inoperable lung cancer.
Dementia Gene? Dementia Gene?

A genetic variation may be linked to slower memory decline.
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.
The Pressure The Pressure's On

Teenage boys and girls face different hypertension risks.

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