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We all have stress sometimes. For some people, it happens before having to speak in public. For...

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Pregnancy Worries Pregnancy Worries

Anxiety, stress in pregnancy linked to later illness in babies.
Parents and Stress Parents and Stress

Your early relationship with mom and dad can affect stress in adulthood.
Stress and Diabetes Stress and Diabetes

Job-related stress may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
Stress Before Birth Stress Before Birth

Girl, boy babies may respond to stress in pregnancy differently.
Dieting Stress Dieting Stress

Study suggests that stress could help explain why diets often fail.
College Stress College Stress

Meditation may help lower blood pressure by easing students'anxiety and depression.
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
Snooze Away Worries Snooze Away Worries

Feeling stressed? Try taking a nap. Your heart may thank you
Exercise and Your DNA Exercise and Your DNA

In women, exercise may help protect chromosomes from stress.
Cortisol Concern Cortisol Concern

Stress hormone linked to heart-related death risk.
Pounding the Pavement Pounding the Pavement

Certain sports may raise the risk of stress fractures in girls.
Sports and Heart Health Sports and Heart Health

Could watching a sporting event be bad for your heart?
Help for Hot Flashes Help for Hot Flashes

Is it possible to use your mind to control this bothersome symptom of menopause?
IBS Drug Relief? IBS Drug Relief?

Findings suggest antibiotic may help against common digestive problem.
Quit Smoking in 2010 Quit Smoking in 2010

Tips to improve your odds of success.
Heartbreaking Illness Heartbreaking Illness

'Broken Heart Syndrome' often masquerades as heart attack
Wheezing Due to Mom? Wheezing Due to Mom?

Mothers' behaviors linked to asthma severity in their children.
Sleep Solutions Sleep Solutions

How to beat three top causes of insomnia
IBS Relief IBS Relief

Moderate exercise could help ease symptoms of a condition that affects 20% of Americans.
Retirement Retirement

Don't retire to the couch.
Sleep Problems? Sleep Problems?

In men, insomnia may be linked to a higher risk of death.
Underage Drinking Underage Drinking

New numbers highlight serious public health concern.
Positive Outlook Positive Outlook

Program linked to long-term benefits in breast cancer patients.
Kids and Backpacks Kids and Backpacks

Overloaded backpacks may lead to back pain.
Happiness and Your Heart Happiness and Your Heart

Smile! New research shows it's good for your ticker.
The Heart Pose The Heart Pose

Yoga may provide benefits for some people with heart failure.

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