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Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer and feel...

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Listen Up and Lose Weight Listen Up and Lose Weight

Podcasts found to be an effective weight-loss tool.
Pregnancy and Weight Pregnancy and Weight

New research on weight issues before, during and after pregnancy.
ZZZZs and Weight ZZZZs and Weight

Missing sleep may put your belly -- and health -- in danger.
Weight-Related Threat Weight-Related Threat

Higher BMI linked to poorer cognitive scores in some women.
Gaining Weight? Gaining Weight?

New research says you can't blame stress for those added pounds.
A Weight Lifted A Weight Lifted

Strength-training linked to blood pressure benefits
Bullying and Weight Bullying and Weight

Is there a connection between violence and obesity in kids?
Online Diet Help Online Diet Help

Website clicking may help people maintain their weight loss.
Teenage Obesity Teenage Obesity

Exercise, not counting calories, may help adolescents lose more weight.
The Diet Boomerang The Diet Boomerang

Appetite-related hormones may help explain why lost weight comes back.
Cooling Hot Flashes Cooling Hot Flashes

Weight-loss program may help improve hot flashes.
Need for Speed? Need for Speed?

Starting weight loss somewhat quickly could lead to better results.
Prostate Protection? Prostate Protection?

A healthy weight may help men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Ear Problem and Pounds Ear Problem and Pounds

Fluid in the ears may set the stage for excess weight in kids.
The Benefit of Eating Slowly The Benefit of Eating Slowly

Racing through a meal may prevent that feeling of fullness and lead to weight gain.
Leisurely Exercise Leisurely Exercise

Weight benefits seen from leisure-time activity in women.
Midlife Diabetes Risk Midlife Diabetes Risk

Watching weight still important for diabetes prevention in older folks.
Colon Cancer Survival Colon Cancer Survival

Healthy weight before diagnosis may help women fighting this disease.
Obesity and Colon Cancer Obesity and Colon Cancer

Study shows excess weight a real health danger.
Aches, Pains and Obesity Aches, Pains and Obesity

More U.S. women than Canadian women have arthritis. Is weight to blame?
Kids and Backpacks Kids and Backpacks

Overloaded backpacks may lead to back pain.
Exercise and Fat Exercise and Fat

Just 80 minutes a week of exercise may keep dangerous fat from collecting around vital org
Pregnancy Pounds Pregnancy Pounds

Too much pregnancy gain linked to heart concerns in kids.
Obesity and Life Expectancy Obesity and Life Expectancy

Study finds obesity, even in childhood, may shorten your adult life.
Drink Up! Drink Up!

A few glasses of water may help flush pounds away.
Dieting Stress Dieting Stress

Study suggests that stress could help explain why diets often fail.
Heavy Hormone Finding Heavy Hormone Finding

Obesity and diabetes linked to low testosterone levels in men.
Food Attitude Food Attitude

How you feel about food may affect your risk of obesity.
Fetal Growth Fetal Growth

Low first-trimester growth linked to birth issues.
Obesity Threat Obesity Threat

Obese youths face high risk of becoming severely obese.
Early Puberty Early Puberty

Find out what factors may be linked to kids' earlier development.
Exercise and Breastfeeding Exercise and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms at risk for temporary bone loss?
Big Risk? Big Risk?

Link found between larger body size, lower brain volume.
Kids and Blood Pressure Kids and Blood Pressure

Young athletes with hypertension should take some safety measures.
Cigarette Threat Cigarette Threat

Smoking in pregnancy linked to bad outcomes for mom and baby.
Healthy and Hungry Healthy and Hungry

Foods billed as healthy foods may make you feel hungrier later.
Happier Sports Players? Happier Sports Players?

Playing on a team may improve kids' life satisfaction.
Another HDL Benefit? Another HDL Benefit?

"Good" cholesterol linked to lower rate of cancer.
Pregnancy and Fitness Pregnancy and Fitness

Research shows many moms-to-be aren't exercising enough.
Blood Pressure and the Brain Blood Pressure and the Brain

Find out how untreated hypertension can affect your brain.
Treating Anorexia Treating Anorexia

Family-based therapy may be helpful for teens with disorder.
Fitness Benefits Fitness Benefits

Find out how being fit may help larger women live longer
New ADHD Risk New ADHD Risk

ADHD symptoms linked to obesity later in life.
Deep-Tanned Risk Deep-Tanned Risk

More research links indoor tanning to serious skin cancer.
Pregnancy Vitamins Pregnancy Vitamins

No benefit seen from vitamin combo for pregnancy problems.
Snoring Warning Snoring Warning

Is snoring linked to common syndrome that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes?
Protecting Older Moms Protecting Older Moms

New information about risks in pregnant women over 44 years old
Staying Trim Staying Trim

New study shows that exercise in youth helps keep your figure from expanding
Double Danger Double Danger

Diabetes may be a deadlier threat to women with breast cancer
Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity

Heart risk factors in youth may increase danger of early death.
Preventing Breast Cancer Preventing Breast Cancer

More evidence that fitness and exercise are two key weapons in the battle against breast cancer
Anorexia Help Anorexia Help

Study finds couples-based therapy may help curb destructive eating disorder.
Family Tree Findings Family Tree Findings

If your mother had a stroke, could you be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease?
Color of Health Color of Health

Brightly colored plant foods could redecorate your health
How Germy Are Gyms? How Germy Are Gyms?

New study tests gym equipment for bacteria, and the results may surprise you
Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, linked to higher blood pressure
Go to Bed! Go to Bed!

Lack of sleep might up your risk of scary health problems
Take it To Heart Take it To Heart

New guidelines focus on heart disease prevention for women
Spring Into Shape Spring Into Shape

Before launching into warm-weather exercise, keep these ideas in mind
Tired and Hungry Tired and Hungry

Sleep-deprived people may chase after more calories
Parkinson Parkinson's Risk Factor?

Study links certain drugs to higher risk of serious brain condition
Big Health Goals Big Health Goals

Find out what targets have been set for the nation's health by 2020
The Secret to Affordable Health Care The Secret to Affordable Health Care

Ask your doctor these questions to get better care for less.
Triglyceride Threat Triglyceride Threat

Reducing the level of this blood fat may reduce your risk of heart disease.
Diabetes Dangers Diabetes Dangers

New study shows diabetes raises your risk of many life-threatening illnesses
Health Savings Health Savings

Here's your secret weapon for spending less on health care.
Carb Risk? Carb Risk?

Study explores whether carbs are linked to colorectal cancer in women
No Vitamin Protection? No Vitamin Protection?

Multivitamins not linked to lower risk of diabetes.
The Pressure The Pressure's On

Teenage boys and girls face different hypertension risks.
Trans Fat Link? Trans Fat Link?

Moms' diet linked to babies' body fat.
Under Pressure Under Pressure

Why now's a good time to get hypertension under control.
Extra Calories Extra Calories

Restaurant and frozen supermarket foods may have more calories than listed.
Brain Health and Exercise Brain Health and Exercise

Being active at a young age may have impact on later brain cancer
Protecting Your Bones Protecting Your Bones

Commonly used drugs linked to unusual fractures in women.
Obesity vs. Smoking Obesity vs. Smoking

Which one creates more health problems in America?
More Monounsaturated! More Monounsaturated!

Monounsaturated fat in diet linked to HDL benefit.

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